(now known as is the number one eCommerce marketplace in the Arab world. In May 2019, Souq was acquired by Amazon and became The name changed but the customers and the administration stayed. This is the biggest ecommerce website in the Arab world—as of March 2017, the souq ecommerce platform sold 8,4 million products in 31 categories and had about 45 million visits per month.

It has now become the part of Amazon and, of course, it inherited Amazon’s values and the mission—to become the most customer-centric company.

Looking at the success of Souq in Arabic countries and Amazon worldwide, many entrepreneurs started to think about how to create a website like souq and started to search for apps like souq on the web.

Souq is a traditional online marketplace of physical products and it is based on a multi-vendor souq ecommerce platform. Today, there are plenty of multi-vendor scripts out there and an entrepreneur can easily find a proper souq clone script. If you’re one of these businessmen and you want to know how to open souq, this article will give you a clue.

How to open Souq like marketplace?

The answer is simple but there are a lot of hidden rocks. To avoid extra problems with starting your own Souq, you first need to search for apps like souq. The souq clone script that you will choose for your future marketplace should have these features at least:
  • Responsive storefront
  • Built-in marketing and SEO tools
  • Powerful catalog management and CMS
  • A set of tools to manage vendors
  • Optimization for high load
  • Easy to use admin panel

Why create a website like Souq on CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a hosted, similar to souq, e-commerce platform packed with over 500 ecommerce features, including features mentioned above. It comes with built-in payment and shipping services, a responsive storefront, admin panel, and vendor panel.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is specially developed to build marketplaces like Souq, Amazon, and other similar ecommerce websites that sell physical and digital products. So, it offers all the necessary features for building apps like Souq out of the box:
  • Powerful catalog management tools: edit over 45 product properties, create products manually or import thousands of products via the export/import built-in tool in no time.
  • Common products for vendors: create a product base and share it among vendors. Vendors will be able to only sell products you allow them to sell and your catalog will always look nice and clean.
  • Set of marketing tools: increase your sales via cross-selling and upselling tools, promotions, a loyalty program, and other converting tools.
  • Separate micro-store for every vendor with the ability to change the design: every vendor has their own storefront and they are free to change its look and feel the way they want.
  • Configurable vendor panels: you are free to show and hide menus and settings in a vendor panel. It’s up to you what vendors can do in their vendor panels.
  • Order management: your vendors process orders in a special section in the vendor panel where they can create shipments, print invoices, and whatnot.
  • And much more.
It is very easy to master CS-Cart Multi-Vendor and create a website like Souq on it because it doesn’t require any coding or special technical knowledge. See for yourself—check out a free personal CS-Cart Multi-Vendor demo.

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