Published: Apr 5, 2018 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Multi-Vendor - an excellent chance to create a huge shopping center

These days people prefer using online marketplaces for purchasing or selling any kind of products and goods. Therefore, the use of software technologies for creating a virtual shopping mall with a plenty of products is in trend now due to many privileges for everyone who is involved in this process. Multi-Vendor is multi-store software that helps to create a huge online marketplace. In this shopping mall, independent sellers may sell various products through a single store. This software allows suppliers and sellers creating, updating, tracking and managing different products in a rather handy way. This allows both the administrator and suppliers to quickly and easily control products and choose ways of shipping as well as to implement orders and track sales with few clicks.

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e shopping mall

Software used in shopping malls allows numerous sellers signing up and adding their products under the control of main administrator, and afterwards, sell all the products in the easiest way. This program is excellent solution with a number of extensive functions for start-ups who are intending to start successful and profitable business. The owner of shopping mall can:

  1. make changes in seller profiles, information of products, ways of shipping and capabilities of supplier;
  2. check, approve, disapprove, update, cancel or delete each action of the seller;
  3. get detailed reports about sales and set them by the categories, suppliers, groups of purchasers and etc;
  4. add as many vendors as it desired for extending of trading platform;
  5. set the needed commission to be taken with each purchase;
  6. set the minimum payment limit for vendors;
  7. implement the setting of Landing page;
  8. allow suppliers/sellers creating a supply chain, letting them to extend their trading business with innovative dropshipping features;
  9. change a supplier of products;
  10. determine the categories to be available to suppliers or set them individually for each supplier;
  11. define exact orders to be displayed on the order list of supplier;
  12. approve or disapprove new seller or added product.

Web marketplace system

Consequently, the administrator has a power to operate all the processes of the ecommerce software. Depending on his choice, he can select between controlling marketplace by himself or turn on an automatic control letting all users implement any actions without his supervision. There is also a possibility to allow users sing up as vendors and start their selling business without admin’s approval. In addition, the owner can use the function that will automatically allow sellers adding more items and update the information about them without his participation. This program helps administrator to significantly simplify the managing of the virtual shopping center. What are the advantages of the software for each user? It is for sure the use of this marketplace is a rather beneficial for each participant: administrator, seller and customer:

  1. The owner of a virtual shopping mall will be getting commission for each sold product that was bought within the platform. Admin can set individual commission for each seller. Administrator can control every single action made at the platform and will get more user traffic due to the availability of more vendors on the source.
  2. Selling of different products via such a web marketplace system is a rather profitable for vendors as each of them is free to sell various products at their own virtual store. This solution is perfect for beginners who didn’t have experience in trading field because it doesn’t require huge trading knowledge and the platform is equipped with simple option panel allowing selling without any difficulties. In addition, there is an opportunity to sell products and food of any kind.
  3. The first benefit for customers is availability of huge number of products to buy at online marketplaces. In addition, this place allows buyers to compare the features of the items proposed at marketplace: ratings, costs and read reviews, all these will allow to buy the cheapest and qualitative products.
If speak about what is multi-vendor ecommerce, it is reasonable to say that this useful program gives a possibility to simply create a huge marketplace from nothing and start earning without too many difficulties. This programming solution is useful not only for administrator but for sellers and purchasers as well. Moreover, such kind of business doesn’t require making a large investments to start - the only one software is all that needed.

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