Published: Jan 5, 2015 Last updated: Jul 30, 2021 Yan Kulakov

One of the most favorite occupations of the majority of people is shopping. Thanks to the power of Internet and modern technologies, a process of buying products and services has become much easier and comfortable. Now, all possible production is available in online stores and a customer has to make only few clicks of the mouse to buy a required item. At first glance, it may seem that online vendors could avoid a wide range of costs, connected with personnel, logistics and taxation, and pay all their attention to following their business goals. However, online business environment isn't a paradise, so if vendors want to meet customers' requirements and get high revenues, they must provide them with premium customer experience. Very often, web store owners spend significant funds on advertising and promotion campaigns, forgetting that they came to the ecommerce marketplace to serve customers. We can assure you that without a unique and pleasant look, excellent customer services and responsive support, your online business project will definitely fail. If this is your case, you should think about replacing your website shopping cart as fast as possible.

New ecommerce software is a perfect method to breathe a new life into your old ecommerce project. A new easy-to-use navigation system, fast searching box and constant accessibility are right those elements that will increase customer's loyalty and help avoid inevitable shopping cart abandonment. Moreover, you will get plenty of new useful tools that will come in handy, if you want to outdo your competitors and build strong relationships with different customer segments. If you share this idea and want to improve your website usability features, increase the level of sales dramatically and protect your business activity from possible shopping cart errors, then premium CS-Cart open source web store software will be the most deliberate choice.

Platform Overview

Website owners have to work hard to survive in the conditions of strong competition and strengthen their business positions in the ecommerce marketplace. This usually takes much time and may cost a fortune for a vendor. CS-Cart software will become a true gem for website owners, who know the value of time and want to focus on achieving their business goals. All our simple shopping carts are equipped with useful ecommerce tools, such as an easy-to-use built-in CMS, flexible one-page checkout system and smart inventory control tool that will help vendors automate business and management processes of their online ventures. Moreover, you will be able to change the look & feel of your online store to the fullest with assistance of a built-in theme editor.

Our best shopping carts are specially designed to help your web store handle with any possible performance issues, as well as meet all customers' needs and preferences. For example, plenty of different integrated online payment gateways, shipping methods and multiple currency services will extremely ease a general shopping process of your clients and definitely attract foreign customers to your online shop. The best examples of excellent online customer services that can dramatically ease a general shopping process, help build long and strong relationships with new customers and retain existing ones are Live Agent Software and Searchanise. The Live Agent support platform was specially made to provide your online store with all possible and required feedback channels that will allow your website support team to track, analyze and solve visitors' complaints and inquiries in a short period of time. A powerful cloud searching service, provided by Searchanise will make your customers happy with fast and relevant searching results. If you need more functionality for your website, you can always hire professional developers, who will improve an open source code of your CS-Cart web store software and provide you with important upgrades and updates in the long turn.

We are glad to inform you that before buying our simple shopping cart, you are able to test it in a free mode to make sure how powerful CS-Cart ecommerce platforms can be. So, if you want to get professional and reliable ecommerce software from one of the best shopping cart providers, don't hesitate to contact us and make your first order right now!