Return Management

The CS-Cart RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) add-on automates, simplifies and organizes the return process in the best way possible, because your customers need this process to be quick and easy.

Our return process is as follows: if customers get faulty products, they can request a return. However, such a request can be made only if certain conditions are met – the product must be returnable and its return period must not be over. You can define all these settings in the CS-Cart admin panel, as the highly configurable system allows making products returnable on a per-product basis and setting an individual return period for each of them.

When a return request is submitted, it is automatically displayed in the system, and the administrator sees which products a customer want to return, for what reasons, and what action they want to apply (a refund or replacement). Customers are kept informed through e-mail notifications about the return authorization.

Also, it is possible to issue a credit for future purchases in case the required action cannot be performed. For example, the product that should be replaced is out of stock. Such credits are given as gift certificates. The gift certificate amount is generated automatically and its value is equal to the product price.


Figure 1. Applying for a replacement

Return Merchandise Authorization

Figure 2. Replacement cannot be made. The gift certificate is provided instead.

Return Management

Figure 3. List of RMA reasons in the CS-Cart admin panel