Real-time Shipping

Different goods require different delivery, so you must give customers the chance to select among different shipping methods. CS-Cart gives you the opportunity to use both real-time and custom shipping methods.

For those customers who prefer the world's most trusted shipping carriers, CS-Cart provides real-time shipping via FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post, DHL and EMS, but we also allow merchants to set their own custom shipping methods.

Shipping rates can be calculated according to the number of items ordered, the price of the products, the weight of the products or the order total. In addition, you have the ability to define shipping rates for different destinations (location zones).

For each product, you can specify shipping freight (i.e. initial cost) which can be combined with other defined variables to calculate the total. Free shipping is also available and can be set on a per-product basis.

real-time shipping rates

Figure 1. Preliminary shipping cost estimation

international shipping companies

Figure 2. Selecting a shipping method at checkout

order status tracking

Figure 3. FedEx settings in the CS-Cart admin panel