A great number of marketing tools have been developed to attract and retain customers – one of the key tools is promotions. Thanks to a well thought-out organization system, the CS-Cart Promotion system is quite easy to manage and intended to provide your customers with promotional offers. You just choose a condition that customers should meet to obtain a promotion and an action that will be applied once the condition is satisfied. In case two or more conditions are specified, you have the ability to combine them.

For customers, this process is even easier. They shop in your store, add products to their cart and, if the order qualifies for the promotion, they see the corresponding promotion notification. On proceeding to the shopping cart page, they can view the promotion details.

You will be pleased by the wide variety of promotions that you will be able to offer, including a discount on the order or some products, additional free products, or a gift certificate. Your customers are likely to appreciate whatever you choose to offer!

ecommerce promotions

Figure 1. Promotion details

sales and promotion tools

Figure 2. Promotions applicable to the order