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As a business owner, you’re probably aware that selling products online is a very lucrative way of expanding your business and increasing overall profits. You don’t need a physical presence to target new customers and market your services internationally. Moreover, by opening a web store, you can reduce the costs related to renting or building premises along with the costs associated with running a traditional store.

Keep in mind that there are a few things to consider when choosing a professional shopping cart system. Quality shopping cart software should include flexible payment processing, shipping & tax options, advanced product catalog management features and marketing / promotional tools. CS-Cart ecommerce solution includes all these powerful features as well as enough functionality to help you build and manage a large online store with minimum efforts involved.

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Creating an ecommerce website can be much easier than most people think. Our professional shopping cart system is built using advanced open source technologies allowing small and mid-size online business projects to stand out from the crowd with an attractive online store. If you are taking your first steps in online trading, just publish your content, add items to your catalog, set up your shipping methods, payment and tax options and make your web store live in a matter of a few hours!

Browse through a comprehensive range of features and innovations that our professional shopping cart software offers. One-page checkout, AJAX-based web interface, visual block manager, the ability to add unlimited number of products / categories, full inventory control, search engine optimization, 50+ integrated payment systems are just a few of incredible options that you can use for building and running a successful online business. In addition, as one of the best online shopping cart software solutions, CS-Cart provides you with complete control over your ecommerce website through a web-based administration panel.

CS-Cart also offers full HTTPs/SSL support, password-protected administrative access and security options that will allow you to keep all sensitive data safe and your customers feel comfortable when buying products or services online.

Don’t waste your valuable time and money on trying various online shopping cart software solutions. Take advantage of CS-Cart to create a full-featured online store and serve customers all over the world.

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Plenty of people like to imagine how they get significant sums, live in large apartments, rest in tropical countries and buy high-quality and expensive products. In reality, not all of such dreamers are able to reach their personal goals, as they don't want to solve their problems and aspire to get everything at once. Trying to get fast results, some people decide to become vendors and businessmen to organize their own business companies and ventures. This is rather obvious, as they think that these business projects will provide them with impressive revenues and high popularity in short terms. Of course, a person is able to become a successful and well-known merchant, but only if he works hard, possesses useful skills and doesn't avoid responsibility. In practice, as a large number of entrepreneurs can't meet such requirements, so they usually face with various problems and financial risks. Currently, those entrepreneurs, who want to save their budgets and earn desired profits, prefer to launch web stores and online shopping malls. As a rule, selling their products online, ecommerce businessmen may interact with thousands of customers from different countries, what increases their chances to earn much money and create a large base of return clients. However, starting and implementing your online business activity, you will have to do all your best to find a powerful web shopping cart, if you want to build strong relationships with your customers. This is a very important aspect, as a slow functioning web store will destroy all your business plans and spoil your business reputation for a long period of time.

As simple entrepreneurs, online merchants also have to accomplish a wide range of business operations, compete against each other, help their clients and create effective business plans. So, aspiring to perform all these procedures and earn certain revenues, online businessmen almost forget about their personal ecommerce projects. This implies that plenty of modern online vendors don't pay their attention to web shopping platforms they equip their online stores with. As a result, such online shops start losing their business positions, push prospects away and even disappear from the ecommerce marketplace with time. Frequently, as web store owners notice these facts too late, they can't understand their mistakes and make wrong decisions. For example, they prefer to spend their funds on expensive advertising campaigns, resort to assistance of SEO agencies and even look for influential ecommerce business partners. Usually, such approaches are not effective, as they can't help web vendors provide their clients with rich customer experience. To avoid disagreements with their potential buyers, some online merchants may spend their time on searching and buying web shopping carts for their ecommerce projects. But even in this case, not all online entrepreneurs are able to reach their business goals and satisfy their prospects, as they mostly equip their web stores with incompatible ecommerce software. So, if you intend to create a comfortable and constantly available internet shopping center for your buyers, then we advise you to opt for CS-Cart ecommerce systems.

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The online business environment can provide you with huge revenues and high popularity, but it can also bankrupt you and destroy your business venture. To save your web store from collapse and increase your financial assets, you will have to work out and resort to various business plans and strategies. You should remember that all your efforts and aspirations must be aimed at building and strengthening relationships with your customer audiences, as they will buy your products and use your services. Choosing CS-Cart software, you will be able to improve your business reputation and gain customers' loyalty in a short period of time. In the other words, as our ecommerce platforms are equipped with following ecommerce tools: specific shipping options, smart product filters and various online payment gateways, so your web customers will get an opportunity to start and complete their shopping procedures without spending much of their precious time.

Joining the online business environment, web merchants try not only to offer high-quality products to their clients, but also make them glad with pleasant website look and feel. Very often, online shop owners can't create beautiful websites, as they don't possess enough knowledge for reaching these goals, what makes them spend much money on hiring web-designers. Fortunately, with assistance of CS-Cart software, you will be able to avoid high costs and create a noticeable web store. This means that all our ecommerce shopping carts will provide their owners with a built-in theme editor, which will help them create new design themes for their ecommerce projects and change their ready website design styles without knowing coding languages.

As we have mentioned above, online vendors have to compete against each other, if they want to earn money and promote their ecommerce brands. In most cases, only those web store owners, who know customers' interests and research changeable rules within the online business world, can become successful and well-known online businessmen. Buying our web shop platforms, you will also get a chance to occupy certain business heights in the ecommerce marketplace. For example, as our ecommerce solutions are equipped with professional promotion and marketing tools, so you will be able to track latest marketing trends, analyze your customers' behavior, promote your website production and organize effective advertising campaigns.

Do you think our online selling software can help you with your ecommerce project? Please contact us via this form: and we will do all our best to answer all your questions and provide you with all required information.

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The Internet offers a variety of unique opportunities for businesses to keep in constant touch with existing clients and target prospects from all over the world to enhance customer base dramatically. Online popularity of a business ensures its revenue growth in the long run in turn. That's why, today many businesses, retailers and manufacturers integrate ecommerce functionality into their existing websites or launch web stores from scratch. In any case, to obtain a successful and fully-functional ecommerce website, it is required to use turnkey shopping cart Internet software.

In fact, setting up an ecommerce project is not considered to be a complex task anymore, as there is an extensive selection of advanced and pre-designed shopping cart solutions for websites with different needs. Keep in mind, that choosing an appropriate and affordable shopping cart software solution may play a crucial role in your overall online success and future business growth. First of all, you should pay attention to its main ecommerce features and options included - they have to provide you with everything you may require to create a full-fledged online store while simplifying the whole process. In such a way, CS-Cart shopping cart Internet software can be an excellent choice that is designed to handle any your related tasks in the most cost-effective way.

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Our powerful and multi-featured shopping cart software for websites allows to track and control all your development and management processes in an easy and efficient manner. We clearly realize the importance of a flexible and easy-to-use shopping cart platform in creating an attractive and user-friendly interface of your web project, while keeping its functionality at a high level.

We offer several editions of CS-Cart ecommerce software that may address any business needs and help companies in launching their online projects. Along with the ready-to-use web storefront, CS-Cart feature set includes an intuitive administration panel that allows to manage and analyze ecommerce activity in real-time. Fully customizable design and layout will let you create your own exclusive online store. Moreover, our shopping cart program is integrated with more than 50 popular payment gateways and shipping options to meet your customer expectations to the fullest.

There is no need to possess advanced technical knowledge and skills, as our detailed instructions allow to install and set up this simple online shopping cart on your web server without substantial efforts involved.

Shopping Cart Software for Business

Building a website with a shopping cart is the quickest way to start ecommerce business from scratch, but not the easiest one. To begin it at the right end, take your time and prepare a list of must-have features for a successful selling startup. Take poll among your friends, offline customers and prospects to gather as much information as possible about their desires and expectations. According to statistics, more than 95% Americans shop online, and more than 70% of European Internet users buy online at least once a year. Contemporary business development is not a leap of fantasy any more, but is all about strategy, tactics and planning. A prosperous online shop can become a great tool and bring you in whole lot of money, so try your best and analyze all the information available in order to make the right choice of ecommerce solution.

The task is not that easy – to select one and only one program among dozens, if not hundreds of promising shopping cart applications offered on the market. First of all, surf the web for e-shop reviews, user opinions and admin comments about different software. All these people have already made the way that is in front of you. They’ve chosen a certain ecommerce shopping cart program, and are more or less satisfied, or completely disappointed, with it. They post their negative or positive opinions on software builder’s and developer forums, describe various technical problems and bugs, the ways to solve them. All this information can appear very useful for you during the choice step, and help you to toss out the undue variants.

Finally, you’ll have only 2 or 3 solutions left in the list. These are the possible candidates that are worth being testing yourself. It’s less of a problem as far as all e-store builders offer free trial periods for any baseline software. Usually you have from 2 weeks till 30 days for trying all its major functions. Choosing shopping cart software for business is a crucial decision that can add to or disturb the development of your e-selling project. Good news for all ordinary computer users: today most ecommerce software is ready-to-use and helps simple folks like you to get their online business going. Tech nerds and IT fans can opt for open source solutions that need relatively high coding level and programming comprehension. Such software is often less expensive but time and effort consuming. Otherwise, they can hire a coder to do all this tech job, but the final price can appear even higher than to buy a box solution.

Don’t try to save money on the ecommerce shopping cart program which is your most important selling tool. Ten to one, that a dirty cheap application will contain infinite number of bugs and faults, will never work correctly and turn your prospects off your e-store once and for all. You know, no one will come back to the shop without correct menu, picture load, payment processing or order checkout problems. Internet security is another vital point for all online businesses. Customer personal information and financial data protection is your primary duty as a e-shop owner. Look for a trusted and age-old hosting company which offers SSL certificates for websites, hosting and cloud storage services. Be sure that its Internet connection speed is high enough for rocket-fast picture upload, cloud service and checkout process. All these are key points for impatient modern web customers who appreciate their time and leave the online store in 20 seconds if they cannot look it through very quickly. Which means that you have only 20 seconds to draw their attention with eye-catching and neat product images, attractive design patterns, intuitive menu and site navigation. If you don’t want to lose prospects, consider all this beforehand. You’ll never have the second chance to make the first impression!

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Surely, you can opt for self-hosting but it should be as reliable and fast as the professional one. To start online selling as quick as possible you don’t need to be a technical expert. Everything you need is some time and money for a year ecommerce solution license, initial tuning and product picture/information upload. Some customers have low-speed Internet connection and will highly appreciate image previews in addition to full-size pictures.

Mobile devices have become more and more popular among net surfers and buyers. Every year the number of mobile users shopping on the web increases 20%. Teens, young and middle-aged people shop online from their tablets and smartphones, and it’s high time to take care of them. Just build a special version of your web shop adapted for mobile devices. Different operating systems like MS Windows, iOs or Android, as well as browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari) also demand adapted site versions.

Don’t forget that your online shop will be accessible all over the world. It means that Chinese, American or European buyers will visit it daily to look through, order and pay the products. Different payment methods, like banking transfer, cash, digital money, promo codes and credit cards, should be available for all customers. Credit card type can differ from country to country, so it’s important to accept all of them, or at least the most popular: Diner’s Club and American Express for American users, MasterCard and Visa for European ones, Visa, American Express and JCB Card for China.

Don’t try to repair all the gaps and misfunction of the chosen solution at the single throw. After all, the more you postpone the start of selling activity, the more bugs you find and the more upset you’ll be about your e-shop. The best thing you can do on this stage is to launch sales as soon as possible. You’ll do with problems afterwards, when receive the feedback from customers. But this will be another story – of another successful ecommerce startup!

Get an additional storefront in your CS-Cart ecommerce store with our Storefront License.

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Web commerce is expanding quickly. The analytics expect that e-sales will exceed $5 trillion in 2017.

Nowadays the easiest way to boost the business is to pair it with a powerful and functional shopping cart. There’re plenty of them on the market to suit any taste and any budget. The quicker you launch it the sooner you’ll sell to online customers all over the globe. To customers who would have never come to your brick-and-mortar shop because of their geographical location. Internet shopping makes world-wide sales possible. The most important decision you should make is the choice of your ecommerce website builder. Among the dozens available on the market you need to find the only one that suits you. To make things easier for you, write down a list of must-have features of your future web store. Take your time and don’t hurry because you’re choosing the functionality of your major selling instrument. The success of online selling business largely depends upon the selling platform and its usability.

Enumerate all the characteristics you think desirable for a customer-friendly and profitable online shop. When finished, surf the Internet in the search of solutions that meet the needs from your list. You’ll certainly find several or even many of them, so the second step will be a more difficult one – to select the only one, the best. Here testing comes. Every shopping cart store builder offers a free trial period of 14 to 30 days. Usually it’s more than enough to understand how it works and whether it suits you. Before analyzing the market, ask yourself if you’re ready to spend time and efforts on building and supporting your own solution. It goes without saying, that you’ll need some tech skills and experience with HTML and CSS coding. If you’ve got all this, think about various open source e-commerce solutions – you’ll pay less as far as you develop the program yourself, and you’ll get more control over your online store. Keep looking till you find the best mix of features, loading speed and scalability.

Be ready to spend hours on code forums trying to find answers to dozens of technical questions. You’ll probably prefer to hire a coder who’ll take into account all the aspects of your future web shop. In this case an open source platform might be a right choice for you. Whatever will be your choice, don’t forget about data and transactions security for you and your customers. Reliable and well-protected hosting together with an appropriate SSL certificate can solve this problem. Self-hosting is a decent choice for a well-equipped tech savvy.

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High speed connection is also very important for impatient modern customers. 2 or 3 extra seconds’ delay for page or image load can scare away prospects – they’ll close your shop page and go to a quicker shop. Take care of customers with low-speed Internet – they’ll surely appreciate a “light” version without uploaded graphics. Mobile users will also be grateful for an adapted version, with reduced screen size. All these useful features aren’t always included in basic commercial packages but you’ll certainly manage to create them with a PHP shopping cart script. The same thing is about image previews. Prospects with low Internet speed would prefer rapid uploading of a small preview instead of a full product picture. Often the same is true for customers with good Internet connection because previews give a quick but clear idea of the product, enough to understand if it interests them or not.

As far as first impression is half the battle, attractive design templates, neat photos, intuitive menus and filtering options can help you to draw prospects and turn them into loyal customers. Don’t forget that a smoothed ordering and payment processes are also crucial for a successful e-shop. One-page checkup is very convenient, as well as automatic address substitution option for registered customers. A disorganized and cluttered shop can frustrate prospects, so they will leave empty-handed and never come back. Don’t forget to offer numerous payment methods, like cash for local customers, credit cards and cheques for remote ones, and gift certificates and promo codes for both. The choice of credit cards is very important and depends on your sales location – VISA and Mastercard are more popular in Europe and Asia, Diners Club and American Express – in both Americas. Customers all over the world frequently use digital wallets and electronic money like PayPal and WebMoney. Banking transfers and mail orders are a little bit less common but useful.

Correct and just-in-time delivery is crucial for customer satisfaction. Usually e-commerce start-ups offer at least two options – customer pick-up or courier delivery for local buyers, and postal delivery for others. Be sure that customers receive their orders completely and in time. Otherwise they should have a possibility to place a claim and get their money back/receive the missing part of the order. Customer support service is absolutely indispensable for any online selling activity, whatever you sell – physical or digital products, services or subscriptions.

Every e-store has the other side of the coin – administration and site management. Streamlined admin processes are very important for you because they save your time (which is also money) and provide you with valuable statistics about sales geography, popular products, product image uploads and others. It can help you to launch promotion actions, discounts and seasonal sales, because customer registration data would give you a lot of necessary details about your clients. Finally, the most important thing is to launch the web shop and start selling. The fine tuning afterwards should be done, when it is possible.

Besides CS-Cart, you can find out more about a cloud platform that we develop - Merchium as well as a smart search for online stores - Searchanise.