Published: Mar 22, 2012 Last updated: Mar 22, 2012 Yan Kulakov

Using e-commerce software or applications is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to create a web store or add an e-commerce functionality to your existing project. If your website is PHP and MySQL based, then you're advised to go for PHP e-commerce solutions.

By choosing a PHP e-commerce system for your future web project, you can avoid the necessity to create and design everything from scratch, which requires pretty much efforts and in essence is a "reinventing the wheel". Moreover, you get an excellent, very functional and easy-to-use tool to build a fully-functional e-store with the unique look in no time.

e-commerce software

CS-Cart e-commerce system

There are numerous PHP-based e-commerce applications available on the market today to download or install, but if you need to choose that special one which comes with extended functionality and is able to meet all your specific requirements and budget at the same time, then pay your attention to CS-Cart PHP e-commerce software - a revolutionary solution created by experienced web developers to make the process of building and managing your web store as easy and convenient as possible.

Software Overview

CS-Cart is a 100% open-source solution coming with unmatched flexibility: you can easily modify the source code, extend its functionality and make any other necessary modifications. A ready-made storefront, multiple design templates, one-page checkout system, intuitive admin panel, AJAX-based web interface, visual block manager, built-in content management engine, full import and export of all databases in CSV format, search engine friendly URLs, 50+ integrated payment methods, full HTTPS/SSL support - the number of advanced features and options is virtually unlimited.

multiple design templates

Online shopping project designed with CS-Cart

Our powerful PHP-based e-commerce software not only displays your products, takes orders, accepts payments and controls your sales, it actually allows you to succeed online. Every its module is developed to significantly increase your sales, optimize all marketing efforts, improve your brand awareness, target a wider customer audience and keep your online business continuously growing.

There are 3 editions of CS-Cart PHP shopping cart solution available at the moment:

  • CS-Cart B2C for traditional business-to-consumer online shops.
  • CS-Cart B2B for starting a professional B2B online store. Available by a subscription.
  • CS-Cart B2B&B2C for large online businesses that combine both B2B and B2C. With this edition, you can open multiple independent B2B and B2C storefronts and control them from one admin panel.

increase your sales

CS-Cart is developed to increase your sales

Though coming with the immense toolkit, CS-Cart isn't heavy and doesn't require a large amount of resources to operate efficiently. Your web browser is quite enough for you to manage your storefront and admin panel, which means that you can access CS-Cart and accomplish all related tasks from any location around the Globe.

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