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The number of CS-Cart partners has surpassed 350 worldwide, and so, thanks to our joint efforts, our clients can easily launch their projects with the help of professionals.

So that it's both easy and profitable for you to work with CS-Cart, we've developed a transparent and effective reseller program.
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Who Can Become a CS-Cart Partner?

CS-Cart is feature-rich, flexible, and easy to use, which means that companies of any size can establish a partnership with us - from freelancers to big web-design companies.

There are 2 main scenarios that we follow with our partners:

Partner integrators

These are our brand ambassadors in a specific region. They are committed to CS-Cart and focus only on localized CS-Cart products. They not only develop and maintain CS-Cart-based projects, but also provide a ready-to-use solution adapted to the market needs. They professionally promote CS-Cart and master new markets.

In order to become a local representative, first of all, you will need to meet the following requirements:

Local representatives

If you have experience in sales and business consultancy and you're looking for a high-margin product to resell, take a look at the CS-Cart software.

Clean source code, detailed documentation, video tutorials for developers, continuous technical and marketing support, cooperation at all the levels - that's what you get. Our partners offer our solution to the clients problem-free and also provide assistance with maintaining their projects.

Thus, you benefit from the reselling commission and extra custom development services.

What is required to become a CS-Cart partner integrator:
Have an official website

Complete the developer course

Place promo materials on the website

Purchase 1 yearly license
Prepare a fully localized solution adapted to a specific region

Provide support and custom development services to the clients in local language

What you get from the CS-Cart Reseller Program:

Unique product

Embarking on the program helps distribute turnkey shopping-cart and marketplace solutions with rich and flexible functionality.

Well-known platform worldwide

Since the CS-Cart solution has already gained the confidence of countless customers throughout the world, distributors resell well-known and well-promoted software that is always in great demand.
New online stores and marketplaces open daily all over the globe, so there is always demand for a flexible, easy-to-use and completely customizable solution meeting even the most sophisticated needs.

Great demand for developing and maintaining online stores and marketplaces

Resellers are offered generous commission on reselling yearly licenses.

Favorable commission

Free license to run a demo store

Resellers are provided with one free license of each CS-Cart product to run a demo store or build a site where they distribute the software.

Customer traffic from our website

Every day, hundreds of customers worldwide visit cs-cart.com, and partners get a portion of them.

Extra channels to grow business

We involve all the channels to grow our partners' businesses: the substantial resources of our website and the CS-Cart marketplace, informing our customers and other partners about your services, proven recommendations on business workflow, and effective ideas proven to help to sell.

Special technical support

We offer our partners prioritized technical support.
You will be fully supported by your dedicated partner manager, who will be there to answer all of your questions in no time.

Dedicated partner manager

We offer our partners preferential marketing on our website and marketplace.

Preferential marketing

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