Published: Oct 7, 2019 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
It is in everyone’s dream to kick start their own eCommerce business and to reach success in ecommerce but establishing a smooth pass to such a successful journey is pretty complex. At the same time, there could not be anything that is more rewarding than watching your enterprise being created from scratch and watching how it grows. For that reason every individual who plans to be involved in the eCommerce trading will require to obtain a decent virtual multi vendor platform that will make business operational. Thankfully, the multi vendor platform can be provided by the already designed and ready to be purchased ecommerce multi vendor marketplace platform, which will make sure you will be able to commence your activities from the first day of the purchase.

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What are the key to simplicity?

The most popular activities of ecommerce sphere is eCommerce shopping. This automatically simplifies the whole process of the business because it is perfectly understood by virtually everyone. However, when an eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform is used to build your enterprise upon things will be even more simple and rewarding. It means that you not necessarily will have to buy and sell the products you want (of cause, you can do so if you wish to) but also attract as many other vendors as possible to sell their staff via your multi vendor trading platform. The model that is going to be used will be exactly the same as eBay and Amazon marketplaces implements, which inevitably will lead to creation of your eCommerce shopping marketplace! The following will be enjoyed:

  1. Your partners will sell their goods.
  2. Diversifying the range of offered products to customer.
  3. Allowing you not to invest in the stockpiles.
  4. Share percentage of their profits with you from each sale.
Every entrepreneur will be amused how efficient the business will be when a multi vendor platform is used as the base multi vendor platform for ecommerce business. There will be no need to hire lots of people and to be committed to enormous salary payments when your business does not generates enough profits to be viable. Instead, the open source multi vendor marketplace script will manage everything automatically and you will require the only one employee ta manage each of its functions. Moreover, an eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform will help you to accept variety of different methods of payments, which is also convenient for buyers. In the other hand, vendors will not need to apply to linking merchants with their bank accounts and to different payment systems because everything will be ready to be used in one sing package when the script is purchased.

What is the initial purpose of the best eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform?

When ecommerce activities are carried out it is assumed that depended on the type of the participants, three models will be used to make the business functional. It means that the following business models will have to be implemented, which CS-Cart Multi-Vendor does exceptionally well:

  1. Business to business model often referred to B2B.
  2. Business to customer that can be outlined by using abbreviation B2C.
  3. Customer to customer or C2C when one client provides valuable advice and feedback to the other.
Initially, the open source multi vendor marketplace script also provides valuable features that will make the enterprise function and very useful for every party that is involved in the eCommerce trading process. It means that the following aspects will be ensured:

  1. Research and planning ahead will be done by providing configurable plan, which will be based on your current recorded activities.
  2. Each vendor will be provided with mini-store online and vendor’s panel.
  3. Customers can enjoy providing comments and feedbacks to the others as well as use such comments for their own benefits.
  4. Every vendor including your self will be able to create your own brand and market it via use of the eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform.
  5. Every participant will be able to carry out activities from anywhere in the world.
  6. Reaching global audience will be made with ease.
  7. Every niche of the market can be served.
  8. The ecommerce multi vendor marketplace platform will enable you to manage inventories.
  9. Based on your activities account balances as well as profit and loss accounts will be provided at vendors’ request.
  10. The multi vendor platform will allow you to reduce operations costs and particularly the payroll bill.

Four Open Source Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor eCommerce Marketplace Script

CS-Cart Multi Vendor was designed with the primary focus on providing administrators full control over their vendors and giving the owner the maximum flexibility in configuring monetization options. This multi vendor platform has been created for businessmen, entrepreneurs, not for technicians.

Each new store seller picks the most suitable vendor plan with pre-set conditions and gets a separate micro-store with a personal fully-featured dashboard and reporting. Vendors have everything they need to operate their stores and they do so with ease even having no previous experience with an eCommerce multi vendor marketplace script.

Multi vendor marketplace owners also express their satisfaction with the security level of the multi vendor eCommerce script. They say they do not have any security issues during the entire period of using CS-Cart eCommerce multi vendor platform.

The CS-Cart marketplace script open source allows for great scalability and customizability.


  • Quick start with over 500 built-in eCommerce marketplace features
  • Secure eCommerce marketplace: meets PCI DSS and GDPR requirements and development industry standards
  • Hosted on your server: you don’t depend on the provider
  • One-time fee: no need to pay monthly or yearly
  • Well-supported: gets regular updates and new features


  • The response delay of the customer care team due to the timezone difference
  • The translations into other languages are not always perfect
  • Users say they would like to see more powerful and attractive marketplace storefront themes for in the future

Yo!Kart Multi Vendor Script

Yo!Kart is a cloud-based eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform that is gaining popularity over the last couple of years. However, being one of the youngest multi vendor scripts (emerged in 2015), it is still not recognized by some technology.

Yo!Kart has multiple functions to run a successful multi vendor eCommerce marketplace with ease such as simple payment arrangements, mail marketing tools, social media platforms integration, great interface, and highly appreciated user experience. Ranking in search engines pages is a piece of cake with simple yet thorough SEO optimization tools included in Yo!Kart. Yo!Kart offers user-centered design, a vendor app, and a mobile multi vendor marketplace app.


  • Great storefront design
  • Convenient and easy to use platform
  • Powerful SEO tools
  • Mobile multi vendor marketplace application availability (with source script)


Yo!Kart owners consider the eCommerce marketplace system very inflexible: Even the slightest change requires a code modification Users reported that hiring a third-party developer for help voids the one year guarantee shipped with the license The product upgrade strategy is not clear, and ensuring high security is costly.

Magento Marketplace Multi Vendor Platform

Magento is an eCommerce script for single-seller eCommerce stores. But they also offer a quite powerful extension to make Magento an eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform.

Magento offers multi vendor marketplace script open source code but unless you’re a specially trained Magento developer or a whip-smart coder you’re going to have to invest in bringing on talent to create and publish your store.

Magento multi vendor script offers a complete dashboard of its own to your eCommerce vendors. This dashboard has all the options needed for a merchant to manage their products, see customer reviews, check out wishlists, newsletter subscriptions, and more. It also includes a profile page for each eCommerce seller to display their information. This profile page also shows the customer reviews and ratings publicly.

The eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform also offers a flexible commission system. It allows you to charge a different commission from each vendor depending on their products. Or, you can fix the commission structure to be the same for all vendors.


  • Rich eCommerce marketplace functionality
  • Customizable platform
  • Flexible eCommerce marketplace commission system
  • Free eCommerce multi vendor marketplace platform


  • Has a long learning curve: the script hard to use and customize
  • Not so easy to develop
  • There are reports of continuous security issues with the platform
  • Costly custom development
  • It’s a plugin, not a standalone multi vendor platform

WordPress Dokan Plugin

Dokan is the best front-end multi vendor platform on WordPress, powered by WooCommerce. It helps you to build your own eCommerce multi vendor marketplace similar to Amazon and eBay platforms.

The installation process of this eCommerce marketplace plugin script is easy, doesn’t require any technical skills, and takes only about 10 minutes. The experience was made easy with the plugin because of the guided setup that removed much of the confusion.

Dokan comes with a range of extensions that enhances the core capabilities of the eCommerce multi vendor marketplace plugin. You can select these extensions depending on your requirements and set up the WooCommerce eCommerce multi vendor marketplace.

For example, “seller verification” is an extension that lets you check the authenticity of your sellers by obtaining their social profiles, phone numbers, and photo verification. Dokan Simple Auctions allows vendors to create auction stores so they can create their own versions of the eBay marketplace. Dokan Subscriptions charges your vendors with product limits.

Dokan is mobile-friendly, vendors can manage orders, see if an order is processing or pending, and even ship products to the billing address on the go. The marketplace script open source code is a great advantage as you can customize the platform.


  • Great basic eCommerce marketplace functionality
  • Easy installation of the platform
  • Large community


  • It’s an eCommerce marketplace plugin, which can result in stability, compatibility, and security issues
  • Lack of advanced multivendor features
  • Users say that due to time difference it is hard to reach the support team
  • A lot of necessary business functions, like shipping or invoice, are missing or working incorrectly
  • Not search engine friendly script

Open-Source Marketplace Software—Benefits

Multi vendor marketplace script open source code is usually a great advantage for the multi vendor marketplace owners and a reason to choose the multi vendor script that offers this features. Open source multi vendor platform allows for almost unlimited customizability because you have access to its code.

Multi vendor script with open source code allows for add-on and feature development, which means you can adapt the multi vendor platform perfectly for your business goals.

Also, if you are not a coder and don't have a development team, you will have hundreds of ready add-ons created by other 3rd-party developers. Just because open code allows for modifications.

Another benefit of a multi vendor marketplace script open source code is that you can develop a custom design theme for your marketplace. It's always better that your multi vendor marketplace matches the visual style of your business and stands out from competitors.

And one more benefit: with open source code you can easily integrate your multi vendor marketplace with your existing business applications such as CRM, ERP, accounting and HR software. You can even split the multi vendor script into storefront and backend, and integrate the multi vendor marketplace backend with your existing website frontend.

Best Marketplace Multi Vendor Software

Participating on the global competitive environment of ecommerce is challenging. Consequentially a ready-made open source multi vendor marketplace script is a clear advantage of anything that will have to be designed and costs more. However some customers in the past found one minor disadvantage of the multi vendor marketplace platform, which is referred to the long and annoying process of educating your admin to get to grips with using the tool. It certainly disallowed to commence the activities immediately. So, the designers of a multi vendor script offered the ingenious way of getting out of this situation. From now on, free three month technical support is provided to every party, who buys one of the best multi vendor marketplace platform. It means that you now can educate your friends and relatives and get as many multi vendor marketplace platform literate specialists as possible. The advantages include the following:

  1. Multiple administrative accesses are provided, so when substitution of the admin will have to be made, the new admin will be able to control the program and all t activities from his home.
  2. The efficiency of using the product ensures the highest profit margins for the business.
  3. Natural profit projections can be made and viable business model can be built.
  4. Sales targets will also be modeled.
  5. New stores and new lines can be opened at any time.
  6. The number of attracted partners is unlimited.
  7. Shipping calculator will enable buyers to calculate the cost of shipping online automatically and manually.
  8. Customer services will be made via use of online chat and 24 built in translations will ensure that buyers’ queries are answered in their native language.
  9. Vendors will not need to get merchants because the multi vendor script will offer the facility in one package and you will be able to accept payments from buyers on sellers’ behalf.
  10. Products can be approved automatically if it is in demand and have decent quality, which is provided by rating given by customers.
  11. Marketplace order management system ensures that you always have popular products in your stockpiles.
  12. The open source multi vendor marketplace script now uses the mobile version, which is provided by special app.
  13. Statistics and reports will be provided for every vendor who becomes your partner.
Why quality ecommerce multi vendor marketplace platform makes your shopping marketplace popular among customers?

When it comes to considering the best multi vendor marketplace script, it is crucial to point out that its quality will have to come first. The quality will have to be associated with every feature that enables to complete every single process from marketing to processing payments and from carrying out secure check puts and arranging shipments to buyers. High quality multi vendor marketplace script will also include the following:

  1. Perfect marketplace layout.
  2. Impeccable outlining of sections and product categories.
  3. Products will have to be search for and can be found automatically.
  4. Mobile version has to exist.
  5. Users will not need special skills to use the open source multi vendor marketplace script.
  6. n
  7. Set up time must be quick.
  8. The multi vendor script has to be rich of different features.
  9. It has to be attractive and customizable.
  10. The ecommerce multi vendor marketplace platform has to support unlimited products.
  11. There have to be thousands of extensions.
  12. 24/7 support has to be provided.
It is the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor that meets every of the above mentioned requirements, this is why it is regarded as one of the best multi vendor marketplace platform for any eCommerce trading business that will make your enterprise successful!

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