Published: Dec 5, 2018 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Whatever it comes to set up your very own online business, there are lots of questions that will have to be considered and too many problems will have to be solved. People will have to build up a viable business model, establish reliable supply chain, employ lots of people and link their online resource to a merchant in order to accept payments and transfer it to their operating bank. One of the most difficult parts is to obtain the trading platform that will make their plans the reality. Many individuals opt to order a custom made shopping mall platform, which is very expensive as well as the process of development is enormously time consuming. However, there is a marketplace software solution called Multi-Vendor, which is widely regarded as the best marketplace mall builder that is available today! Bellow, this will be explained in more details.

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In what way things are made easy?

One of the main features that the multi vendor software has is that it will enable anyone to accept variety of payments methods and cash it instantly. At the same time, whatever business is about to be created, a payroll bill will have to be settled at the end of each month, no matter whether the enterprise brings any profits or not. Normally, lots of people will have to be hired to deal with sales, accounts, customer services, dealing with supplies and doing administrative tasks. In the case with the Multi-Vendor marketplace mall builder the payroll bill is reduced to its minimum because the shopping mall program does everything for you and can be controlled by only one employee – the administrator. It allows the online business to be as efficient as possible and allows to kick start the activities almost immediately. Apart from that, this is a ready-made marketplace product, which has gone through various developments and regarded to be the perfect tool to carry out business activities on day to day basis. Finally, the multi vendor script itself allows other online vendors to join in and to sell their goods by using the resource. Overall it will be just like Amazon or eBay alike but will belong to you. Other virtual sellers will join the shopping mall platform and diversify the range of offered products. They will compete with each other and share their profits with you because the no matter what they sell will be passed through your merchant and after collecting commissions from each sale, the outstanding balance will be transferred directly to them.

What are the purposes of the multi vendor platform?

The marketplace software solution is absolutely unique and has every feature that will enable constant business operations clockwise. Whatever individual joins the trading resource it will have its very own separate vendor panel. In addition, each vendor is going to have its own separate web store where he can list all the goods that are offered. Customers who buy at the shopping mall will be able to view offered products in details and leave feedbacks with regards to quality of these goods and services provided by a vendor. In the other hand, sellers will not only have the ability to sell their staff via an open source marketplace program but also receive their account balances, sales reports and statistics, which will be the fundamental base for making improvements and sales increases. The multi vendor script also will enable all the parties including suppliers, vendors and their clients to communicate with each other easily because 26 built in languages can be translated instantly whilst charting with each other. People can ask questions and make queries as well as to receive answers that are interpreted in their languages. Finally, the open source marketplace program allows to make real-time shipping calculations automatically or manually on the basis of what delivery method a vender offers and what method a customer prefers.

Shopping mall management script

According to these who already use the shopping mall management script, there is the only one minor weakness that has been found. Due to the fact that there is the only person who is in charge of the whole ecommerce system, this individual must know every feature that the open source marketplace program has and must use these features to perfection. Training is definitely time-consuming; hence there is an obstacle of commencing the business straight away. However, it has to be mentioned that the business can be started almost immediately and the admin can be trained in at least a week time or less. Considering that when it is needed to build multi vendor website, it will take several month to be developed with someone else, it will be very expensive and people who use it will have to be trained anyway, therefore CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is still the best marketplace mall builder that can be found out there! Bellow the list of advantages is proudly provided:

  1. This is ready-made marketplace software, which people do not have to wait for to be developed.
  2. It is extremely cost efficient as it costs several times less compare to custom designed programs.
  3. It saves plenty of time as the business can be started almost instantly.
  4. The business model is extremely cost effective because you will have to hire the only one employee.
  5. It allows to attract as many virtual vendors as possible who will share their profits with you.
  6. Unique payout system allows to accept lots of different methods of payments including PayPal, electronic wallets, enormous amount of debit and credit cards and many other methods that customers prefer to be used.
  7. Each online seller will be allowed to obtain a configurable vendor plan, which is based on their sales figures, statistics and reports.
  8. Advanced order management system will determine which products are in demands and by calculating the remains in the stockpiles will provide suggestions of what and when will have to be ordered. Goods also can be order automatically if vendor prefers that option.
  9. Products approval system also helps both sellers and their clients. It is made purely on the rating that customers make by using the resource as well as vendor do not have to order what has been rated badly and always keep only high quality products in their stock.
  10. Administrative access to the shopping mall management script can be multiple, so if your admin decides to go on holidays, have a day off, get sick or decides to leave you can always do his job instead of him or hire someone else.
  11. There are 26 languages that are available; therefore no matter where seller is located he can understand its customers and suppliers instantly by using built in chart system.
  12. Customers will be able to make real-time shipping calculations and will know the exact amount of money that will have to be paid in order for their purchase to be delivered to their doorsteps.
  13. Most recently a mobile application for Multi-Vendor has been launched, so people who buy at the online shopping mall can do so at any time they like and even on the move.
Why customers are attracted by a high quality marketplace mall builder?

Virtually everyone agrees that this is the high quality shopping mall management script that attracts more customers and allows to increase sales. High quality multi vendor software has the features that people adore very much! It provides functionality and efficiency during online shopping process. Individuals want to rate products and services as well as leave feedbacks. They also would like to see other customers’ reviews and know their opinions. Your clients would want to shop on the move or even when they lie in bed by using mobile application. High quality customer services have to be provided and the parties should understand each other immediately in real time when their native languages are used. The cost of deliveries will have to be known in order to commit a client to purchase something. There is no doubt that Multi-Vendor is a unique marketplace mall builder that meets all of the above mentioned criteria, therefore it is not a surprise that it is regarded as the best high quality open source marketplace program, which is available to everyone today!

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