Published: Aug 30, 2013 Last updated: Aug 30, 2013 Yan Kulakov

Today many people prefer making various purchases in the Internet from the convenience of their PC, laptops or mobile gadgets. Online shopping comes with a wide range of advantages, such as considerable time and money saving, instant and exact search, infinite choices, free price comparisons, easy access to customer reviews and many others. That's why, when choosing to start up a web store instead of going the traditional brick-and-mortar way, you can be absolutely confident that your online venture isn't going to be less profitable.

In such a way, it's high time to learn how to develop a web store in a quick and hassle-free manner, with minimal initial investments involved. At you will find a comprehensive, reliable guide and, what's more important, a powerful tool to accomplish this crucial project successfully. We offer cutting-edge online shopping cart solutions designed to match perfectly various market needs - from small, one-department stores to sophisticated virtual shopping malls.

CS-Cart Overview

You will hardly find a more feature-packed and still easy-to-use tool for developing a web store than our CS-Cart. Actually, this is multifunctional, highly flexible online store software for websites based on the industry-leading open source technologies, such as a PHP optimized programming code (ensuring your website ultimate performance), MySQL databases (to store your web data correctly and safely), Smarty template engine (allowing to create an exclusive storefront design), AJAX (minimizing page loading time) and many others.

While making the whole development process easy and convenient, CS-Cart will let you enjoy your first sales much sooner than you may expect. With smart, ready-made storefront and checkout systems, you will have to handle just basic setup, fill your storefront with products, enter your personal account details into the online payment system and you are done! Rest assured, our web store website software comes with the fullest possible toolkit out-of-the-box for efficient and successful online management.

We also provide an opportunity to use CS-Cart software in the personal demo mode (available once for every single client). While requiring no setup fee, this mode provides a 15-day free hosted installation of CS-Cart. If you are fully satisfied with its functionality and testing results, you can be absolutely confident when making a purchasing decision later.