Published: Dec 27, 2011 Last updated: Dec 27, 2011 Yan Kulakov

Do you own a rather profitable business offline and would like to expand it starting an e-commerce project online. More and more businesses go online nowadays as this provides them with the opportunity to broaden their customer base, increase conversion rates and become more profitable using the latest Web technologies for conducting sales. Moreover, e-commerce allows customers to shop without wasting their precious time and getting over some distance. Online shopping really saves customers' time and money at the same time. That's why it continues to enjoy tremendous popularity among buyers and sellers around the Globe.

While running a traditional business you think of different amenities, pay renting fees and extensive staff salaries. But if you'd decided to start your own online business, first you should be aware of the basic e-commerce principles, study the whole process of creating an online store and only then move online. Choose CS-Cart advanced, yet easy-to-use internet shopping cart software that will help you create your own comprehensive and full-featured online store.

CS-Cart Features

CS-Cart is a ready-to-use online shopping cart program that is highly customizable while being easy to install and use as well as full of various advanced features that will help in building a successful and competitive online venture. With CS-Cart online shopping cart system it is possible to create an e-commerce website from the scratch or integrate its features to the existing project. We use open source technologies that make our software flexible and allow to modify the program and extend its functionality in accordance with your needs.

With a wide selection of powerful options CS-Cart makes it easier to design and develop an attractive e-commerce website by choosing any of our pre-ready professional design templates of different colors and themes. Moreover, you have the ability to upload an unlimited number of products and categories to your new online store. Our online shopping cart system is integrated with more than 50 payment gateways to make your clients' shopping experience really enjoyable.

No doubt, that your e-commerce success highly depends on overall convenience of your online shopping website for the prospective clients that browse through your online store. CS-Cart online shopping cart software is a full-featured program you can easily customize in accordance with your specific requirements and without specific programming knowledge or web design skills.