Published: Sep 3, 2014 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov

In some cases it's much more effective to work in a team than trying to accomplish things on your own. Such a tendency exists in online marketplaces as well where different vendors sometimes partner with each other to gain more profits. This phenomenon is known as a multiple vendor marketplace which is intended to provide deals from numerous independent retailers. Such type of a partnership brings a lot of benefits, because vendors can combine their products into bundles and allow clients to receive everything in a single virtual shopping mall.

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In such a way, if you are ready to start a multi-vendor project, you will definitely need sophisticated software as standard applications will not match your requirements. CS-Cart is here to offer multifunctional and handy in usage ecommerce platforms that will help growing your business to the next level. Visit our website to learn more about our products and services provided.

Multi-Vendor Software Overview

Multi-Vendor Software is a worthy business invention in the field of website building. In the multi-vendor marketplace, a merchant stays really independent though he is working in a trade chain with other vendors. A merchant is free to manage all settings and products that concern his own online presence. The same thing relates to an order, when it is automatically divided into several partitions in accordance with the number of vendors who supply purchased items. For proper control, Multi-Vendor Software features the Root Administrator option, which allows tracking the history of orders and distributing monetary rewards among vendors. Moreover, a root administrator has full access to all web store settings and options.

With the help of our online shop creator module, vendors can set up their own shipping methods, meaning customers can opt for the appropriate shipping options at checkout. Any merchant is able to take advantage of multi-language and multi-currency options to better serve international clients. Furthermore, if you wish to install more applications or themes visit our add-on and theme sections and choose the most appropriate ones.

Are you impressed with all this advanced functionality? Purchase Multi-Vendor Software for $1450 (a perpetual license) or go with a $590/year package. In addition, we can build a personal demo store for you to test drive all available features before initial purchase.

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