OLX is an online platform that unites millions of people for buying, selling, sharing and services. OLX was founded in 2006 in Argentina. Today it works in 40 countries. The site is the largest online ad market in many countries, one of which is India with a population of over 1 billion. The success of OLX made Google close its Google Trader ad site.

How come? The OLX success story is really inspiring for those who wonder how to make an OLX type website. Two entrepreneurs, the Argentine Alexandro Oxenford, and a Frenchman, Fabrice Grinda, both were engaged in internet business. And very successfully. Once when they sold their online projects Fabrice Grinda proposed the creation of an online platform for ads. Oxenford suggested launching it in India. Alexandro convinced Grinda that it was more profitable to start in the dynamically developing Indian market. Within a few months, OLX became the main classifieds platform in India.

The online classifieds service is a really profitable e-commerce niche. If you want to know how to make a website like OLX let’s see how it works.

This is a hardware store from the United States that was born in 1995 as a part of a “do it yourself” website about home improvement. It now works on the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace platform. The owners already ran a small offline hardware store back then. Now the company has its own large distribution center with over 150,000 products. They sell hardware and tools to individuals and companies.

How OLX functions

OLX is a platform for online buying/selling of goods and services for both individuals and businesses.

OLX users can post their ads after they register with a mobile phone, email, or logging in through social networking accounts. In the form of submitting an ad, you must add a description of the offer, photos and your contact information. It is also possible to respond to an already published ad by contacting the author through an online chat on the site or by phone number.

Businessmen can open their own OLX store (just like in an online marketplace) - to do this, you need to create and fill in your company's business page. This is a personal page with a name link (sub-domain based on the OLX domain), logo, banner, contact information, company name, tab with a description of the company and a list of placements.

In addition to websites, OLX apps have been developed for iOS and Android platforms. The functionality of the application allows users to view their profile, add ads, upload photos directly from their smartphone, write and reply to messages, call the seller and more.

OLX, unlike other online marketplaces, earns nothing on the transaction itself. Here are the main sources of OLX script monetization:

  • The main share of the company's revenue comes from monetizing through Google AdSense. The portal attracts many visitors to the site and monetizes this influx of customers by displaying ads from the Google advertising network.
  • When the seller adds an ad, it is placed at the top of the list. But over time, the message drops lower and lower, and the number of views, respectively, decreases. To ensure that the product is displayed at the top, the seller can pay OLX. After all, the first page of views is much more than the second or even further. And of course, the probability of selling is also higher.

How to build your classifieds website with CS-Cart OLX script

A lot of web companies offer an OLX clone script nowadays. But how to choose the right one?

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  • powerful catalog management
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  • shipping methods
  • over 70 built-in payment methods
  • comments, reviews, and ratings
  • a mobile application
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