Ready Mobile Application for Your Online Marketplace

Offer a new way
to buy from your
Multi-Vendor store

via an app for Android and iOS devices

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Fully Synced

The app uses the same data as your store: categories, products, users, carts, wish lists, orders, and more. As you change them in Multi-Vendor admin panel, the changes affect the app.

Ready to Sell

Сustomers browse categories and add products to wish lists or carts. Then they can choose an offline payment method or PayPal Express Checkout.


Product reviews help customers make the buying decision. Vendor list gives your vendors more brand exposure. Ratings keep things competitive and encourage vendors to offer better service.

Matches Your Brand

Select what colors and logo your app will have. Then we’ll upload it to Google Play and Apple App Store.


Mobile app is only available for Multi‑Vendor Plus, Multi‑Vendor Ultimate, and Multi-Vendor Enterprise. The standard Multi-Vendor edition doesn’t have mobile app.

Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate include 1-year free subscription for a mobile app developed and maintained by CS-Cart developers. You can prolong mobile app subscription for $999 annually.

With Multi-Vendor Ultimate you get 1-year free access to the source code of the app that can be prolonged for $999/year. With the access to source code you can build your own custom application that will perfectly suit your marketplace. In Multi-Vendor Plus you can get access to the source code for $999/year.

An active subscription for Multi-Vendor Enterprise includes mobile app and access to source code without extra payment.

Why Choose This Mobile App?

Made by CS-Cart Devs

The app is brought to you by the same people who develop Multi-Vendor. They know the ins and outs of the software and develop the app alongside it.

Has Full Support

Our technical support and bug-fixing policy also covers the app. Confirmed bugs will be fixed within 45 consecutive days.

All Taken Care Of

We’ll publish the app in Google Play and Apple App Store for you. You won’t be left behind when a new version of Multi-Vendor version releases, and the app has to be updated.

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