If you're going to create a comprehensive online marketplace with multiple departments, be prepared that it is a complex and rather challenging process taking a lot of time and efforts for completion. No matter, whether you're going to hire professional web developers or do everything on your own, building a multi-department web store from scratch requires large amount of time and huge initial investments. The truth is, even if you focus on each particular page and option of your virtual shopping mall to ensure it is developed completely as per your requirements, after the completion some issues and bugs will invariably emerge. This will require some extra time and efforts to achieve ultimate results.

Luckily, the modern ecommerce field is ready to offer you highly efficient solutions - multi-vendor programs and systems allowing to create large virtual shopping malls and stores with multiple departments and minimum hassles involved. They are considered to be smart and cost-efficient alternatives to website building from scratch and using professional web design and development services. What's also important, such software solutions are typically very user-friendly, so that they can be easily used even by those without extensive technical knowledge and experience.

CS-Cart.com is here to offer you premium quality and still reasonably priced multiple vendor ecommerce software - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor - designed to help you build a sophisticated, fully-functional online marketplace, where multiple vendors are allowed to sell their products or services through a single storefront. We put no limits to the number of vendor accounts that means you can grow and expand your online venture with virtually no restrictions.

Feature Overview

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is an extended edition of our principal software product CS-Cart - it comes with the fullest possible ecommerce functionality. It doesn't really matter how many independent vendors and departments there are within your ecommerce project - every user is provided with a personal and absolutely independent administration area, where he/she receives real-time information regarding products and orders, shipping methods, payout balance and earnings control.

As for your customers, they are allowed to place just a single order even if they purchase items from several vendors and pay only once. A root store administrator distributes all the money between vendors in accordance with the history of orders. In fact, an administrator gets full access to all store aspects, processes, settings as well as to products offered by vendors.

While providing the highest level of control and flexibility, our open source multi-vendor ecommerce platform also offers plenty of remarkable customization opportunities, so that you can completely modify your store look and feel, extend its functionality and make any other modifications in the source code in accordance with your business specifications and requirements.

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