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Separate Vendor Panel

Provide each vendor with a separate admin panel. It will allow your vendors to manage their own settings and products.

Vendor panels include just what vendors need and are allowed to modify in your marketplace. Vendors will not interfere with each other.

In Multi-Vendor your merchants can:

  • Manage their orders, products, filters, options, and features
  • Add vendor administrators with different access levels to the admin panel
  • Add different informational pages, polls, forms, and links
  • View vendor account balance
  • Set shipping methods and taxes
  • Choose currency and language
  • Import or export products and orders
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Separate Mini Store for Every Vendor

Let vendors promote your online mall. In the Multi-Vendor platform for a marketplace, sellers can have a micro store right inside your marketplace. The micro store URL contains the vendor company name. Vendors can share it to attract customers to your marketplace. It can be promoted as a separate store per se.

Micro stores contain:

  • vendor company description
  • logo
  • products
  • product filter for vendor items

It takes vendors a couple of minutes to adjust their mini store.

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Promotions for Vendors

Give your vendors more opportunities to boost their sales. Vendors can create their own catalog and cart promotions—offer free shipping, discounts, free products, coupon codes, and access to VIP user groups.

This feature greatly helps boost vendors’ sales and attract more vendors to your virtual shopping center.

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Separate Сheckout by Vendors

At checkout, customers can place orders from different vendors separately. For example, a customer can pay for a product from vendor #1 now and pay later for a product from vendor #2.

Plus, vendors can create their own payment methods and allow customers to use them at checkout. In this case, the whole payment goes straight to the vendor. This is another feature to give more freedom and flexibility to your vendors.

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26 Built-In Translations

Attract vendors from different countries. You are not bound by language limitations. Multi-Vendor includes 26 translations out of the box.

It is not a machine-based but a community-driven translation made by native speakers. Language variables are translated for all sections: storefront, admin, and vendor panels.

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Real-time and Manual Shipping Calculations

Make the life of your vendors easier. Vendors can use 8 world-famous shipping methods for real-time shipping calculations. No need to search for add-ons or make an integration. This is the default Multi-Vendor functionality.

Apart from real-time shipping calculations, vendors can set their own manual shipping methods. The system is quite flexible: shipping charges can depend on customer’s location, total order cost, weight, and even the number of items in the order.

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Customer-to-Vendor Communication

Enable you customers to send messages to your vendors. You just can’t know everything about every product in your marketplace. And customers often have questions. Connect your customers with your vendors so that the latter could answer the customer’s questions about a product.

With the Customer-to-Vendor Communication function, customers can send a message to vendors right from the product page. It makes products more attractive for buying and helps to convert visitors into paying customers.

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Comments and Reviews

Bring your sales to a new level with user-generated content.

Reviews are crucial for any business that cares about its reputation. Customer reviews help vendors get fair credit and earn good image in customers’ opinion. Reviews influence vendors’ and thus your income directly.

Multi-Vendor offers the feedback and review system with an interactive star rating. Customers can comment and rate vendors, products, categories, and orders.

Paid-for positive reviews are useless as customers want to see honest opinions about sellers and their products. With this in mind, we made it so that comments and reviews in Multi-Vendor are moderated by the store administrator, not vendors.

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Vendor Account Balance, Sales Reports & Statistics

Give your vendors an advanced analytics tool. With Multi-Vendor shopping cart software, your sellers can view detailed statistics on their sales in your marketplace. Like the store administrator, sellers can view graphical or tabular charts.

Besides, vendors can view their account balance to track all payouts and commissions taken by the store administrator. Sellers can also review the income and expenditure statistics: total and per period.

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Vendor Locations

Allow you vendors to set their locations so that they could receive more orders from local customers. The Vendor Locations function allows you to display a map with all the vendors in the chosen location, enable product filtering by distance from the customer’s location, show nearby vendors on the marketplace homepage, and more.

The Vendor Locations function allows customers to support local vendors, receive orders sooner, and easily find nearest vendors.

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Design Editor For Vendors

Allow your vendors to create a unique design for their micro-stores. Your vendors’ micro-stores don’t have to look exactly the same. You can enable your vendors to modify colors, fonts, backgrounds, and the layout of their micro-stores.

What if your marketplace is in black and white and one of your vendors sells party stuff? That color scheme doesn’t look like a good fit for party products. By using the built-in design and layout editor, the vendor can easily configure a color scheme and the style of their storefront.

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Multiple levels
of administrative access

Increase your income assigning certain product categories to individual vendors. For example, you can allot one category of products to a vendor and charge him extra for it. Several vendors can sell their products in one category as well.

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Import / export

Save vendors’ time for their business development. Product management must be simple and efficient. Multi-Vendor allows vendors to export their products in a CSV format to external databases. For instance, accounting software.

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Bulk product editing

Apart from bulk import, vendors can mass edit their products by 45 product parameters. For instance, description, meta keywords, or quantity. This Bulk product editing functionality will make the life of your sellers a lot easier.

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Advanced search

Simplify your vendors’ daily routine. Order processing will be much more efficient with advanced search tools provided by Multi-Vendor. Even if there are thousands of items, various search parameters will help your vendors to easily locate products or orders.

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Call requests

Offer alternative ways of order processing. To simplify the ordering process for customers, your sellers can get incoming requests called "Buy now with 1-click". When a customer clicks the "Buy now with 1-click" on a product details page, a new order with the "Awaiting call" status is created for the vendor.

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Order email notifications

Avoid delays with order processing and shipment. With automatic email notifications, each vendor gets an instant email about new orders.

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Multiple currencies, taxes

Attract vendors from all over the world as the Multi-Vendor solution can be used in any country. Vendors can choose local currencies and taxes pre-set by the marketplace administrator.

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Multiple product page templates

Create an unlimited number of templates for product pages to diversify them. For example, a vendor who sells jewelry will likely choose a product template with a large product image to show small items in detail. And vendors who sell car parts may prefer a larger product description.

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Informational pages for vendors

Let your vendors add different content. In Multi-Vendor, sellers can create not only products, but publish pages with texts, images, and videos. Also, they can add polls and forms, such as contact forms.

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Loyalty programs

Encourage customers to buy more and shop regularly. With Multi-Vendor, your sellers can launch loyalty programs via a built-in "Reward points" system. It lets customers earn and spend points for purchases.

According to Web Retailer, online businesses with 40% repeat customers generate 50% more revenue than similar sellers with a 10% repeat customer base.

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Stock control, low stock

Give vendors absolute control over their catalog inventory. Vendors can track product inventory with options to track the exact number of items in stock.

Your vendors can also change their stock control settings to "Track without options". Besides, it is possible to disable inventory tracking if a vendor doesn't need it.

What if a product is out of stock? Vendors can:

  • hide out-of-stock products
  • allow customers to buy in advance
  • allow customers to sign up for a notification to learn when the product is available again

And to restock in time, vendors receive low stock notifications.

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Vendor’s terms and conditions

Take legal matters into account. Multi-Vendor allows vendors to specify terms and conditions for customers to agree with when buying.

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