As you probably know, ecommerce principles and strategies tend to change over time. Today it has become very popular for multiple online vendors to work together in a single Internet marketplace. Essentially, a multi-vendor web store is a specific ecommerce website type where numerous vendors are allowed to register on a single marketplace with the same shopping cart and then display and sell their products.

Such a partnership may bring plenty of benefits in terms of dramatically increased traffic rates and a higher revenue volume, while the expenses on setting up and managing a web store are shared between all the participating parties. For a multi-vendor store administrator, there is another advantage of a substantial extra income stream in terms of commission or renting fees from every registered vendor. The more vendors you have in your system, the higher profits you may derive, yet without making additional investments.

Do you like this idea? Building up a multi-department store is not harder or longer than building a single department one, if you're using a standalone multi-vendor platform from While incorporating the fullest possible ecommerce functionality, our Multi-Vendor Edition is focused to help you create a sophisticated online marketplace, where different vendors can manage their products and sales through a single common storefront and product catalog.

Multi-Vendor Edition Overview

As a smart and flexible solution, our multiple vendor software provides each and every business owner with an individual administration area, where he/she gets real-time information concerning products, orders, sales management, shipping options and configurations, payout balance and profits management. It may sound unbelievable, but the number of vendor accounts you can register is really unlimited - CS-Cart allows you to expand your virtual shopping mall with no limits.

Your customers may not even know that they're purchasing goods from different vendors. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor solution allows your clients to place all chosen products in one shopping cart and pay only once just as for a single order. Such an order will be automatically divided into several ones with every vendor supplying the purchased items separately. Besides, every online vendor is allowed to configure personal shipping methods, and therefore clients can choose vendor-specific shipping option at the checkout.

As a web shopping mall owner, you get root administrator access to all website settings and options as well as to listings offered by your vendors. In such a way, you receive total control over your multi-vendor space with the ability to pre-moderate activity of any vendor if required.

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