Many of us would love to commence their own online enterprise but unfortunately do not know what stands behind it and where it all has to be started. There are quite a few obstacles that will have to be overcome, such as: opening bank accounts, dealing with suppliers, getting the merchants, hiring employees and building up a viable and profitable business model. One of the most complex things that stop people thinking about starting their own online business is either development or purchase of decent marketplace software that will enable the business to work. Some incorporated bodies and wealthy individuals usually opt for development of a new, custom ecommerce script via services of IT companies. However, this is very costly and normally takes lots of time before enterprise could be started. Instead, there is a solution, which can help to make a marketplace website allowing to accept variety of different payments from customers, minimize labor fleet and build a multi vendor platform that will enable you to diversify the business by not only having an online store but actually an online shopping mall with other vendors to be joining in!

Why it makes opening a virtual shopping mall so simple?

No matter whether you are about to open an online multi store marketplace with other sellers allowed to come in and use your multi vendor platform like on the EBay or it is an ordinary online store, there will be some complexities on the way. One of the most important obstacles is the labor costs. You will require having sufficient number of people to carry out day to day tasks like: dealing with customers, suppliers, taking payments, issuing receipts, making refunds etc. Payroll bill is the highest bill of all that will have to be settled at the end of the month irrespective whether your enterprise is profitable or not. Multi Vendor allows you to reduce this bill to its minimum because every task can be managed by just one person who is the administrator!

In addition, there are some other features, which an online multi vendor store cannot exist without. The shopping mall program can offer all of this features that will make sure your business is run swiftly and smoothly. It includes separate vendor panels that let a new seller to come to you and have its own virtual store by using your trading marketplace platform facilities and paying fees. Each seller will have his own separate mini store, which allows diversifying the range of products your virtual shopping mall will offer to customers worldwide. The multi vendor soft has twenty six different translations that enable not only automatically translate description of the goods but also establish live, online communication. Buyers can make shipping calculations whilst they are online, no matter where the vendor and the buyer are located. Customers will also be able to leave comments and leave their rating to each online vendor on their front page, so that you and the others can monitor his activities and build up the rating. Finally, multi vendor software will calculate the accounts and will produce reports and statistics that each vendor can analyze as well as the owner of the multi vendor shopping mall can monitor their performance and set the standards if necessary.

What the marketplace soft is needed for?

No online store can exist without the soft. It enables any online shop to be run on daily basis and offers a few features that are absolutely must have! First of all, it is the advanced payout system as customers will have to pay for purchase goods and the online vendor will have to collect the money. Normally, you will need a bank account to operate the business and once you build yourself up the facility of a merchant will be offered by the bank. Before it happens any vendor will not be able to debit money from debit and credit cards and accept other forms of payment but with multi vendor script it is possible! Advanced order management system is the other thing that is offered by the virtual marketplace program, which will monitor the remaining items in a store, calculate what is in demand and will issue a notice when suppliers will have to be contacted. Each seller will receive its own configurable plan of how to increase sales and how to tackle its audience well. Products approval system is so unique and advance that it helps to establish quality control and set the standards for each vendor. It enables to reach certain level of quality in services and offered products that are offered to customers. Vendors will also receive configurable vendor plans, which they can stick to and build up to succeed whilst developing their online business. The web shopping mall platform allows getting multiple administrative accesses, so if the administrator is off or will get ill you can always get the other person to do the job instead of him or do it by yourself. Statistics and reports can be formed on regular basis hence each member performance will be seen and can be monitored with ease.

What are the pros and cons of CS-Cart Multi Vendor?

In order to get grips with better understanding of how to build an online market place website, it is important to analyze strengths and weakness of one of the best products in the world what Muli Vendor is! Among the major disadvantages that the marketplace program has is that it will take time for the administrator to learn how to use each function and make sure that it is done quickly and perfectly. In the other hand if you opt for custom ecommerce software, which is more expensive and will take time to be produced, the administrator will have to go through the same course before starting to carry out his duties. Therefore, this disadvantage is so minor and common for other shopping mall tools too. The range of advantages however is enormous! It goes as follows:

  1. It offers exceptional value for money and comes much cheaper that a custom made program.
  2. It is available to be purchased immediately and there is no need to wait for custom development.
  3. It works perfectly whilst newly developed tools usually have lags and will have to be improved and the script’s mistakes amended during the actual working process.
  4. The marketplace soft has multiple level administrative access.
  5. Reduces labor costs to its minimum.
  6. Has 26 built in translations enabling buyers and vendor communicating with each other online.
  7. Allows doing online shipping calculations.
  8. Offers advance payout system, which enables to accept variety of payment on vendor behalf, collect commissions from their sales and make refunds to customers.
  9. Allows dealing with suppliers by offering advanced order management system.
  10. Statistics and reports are offered on regular basis that makes it easier for decision making process to be made.
  11. Configurable plans for each seller are also offered for each member of your online shopping mall.
  12. Each vendor will have its own mini online store and panel.
  13. Balance sheets and detailed reports and statistics will be available top each seller and to for you to view and analyze each member’s performance.

B2C marketplace software

Why a high quality multi vendor script makes any online store attractive to customers?

When it comes to opening an online store, it is the B2C marketplace software, which is responsible for constant attraction of new customers and keeping the existing ones to come in over and over again. High quality shopping mall tool must ensure flexible products approval system, ensure that order management system works to perfection and allows customers to leave comments and feedbacks. All of the above mentioned are bodied well for providing the foundation for high quality customer services and make sure that buyers are satisfied. Multi Vendor is clearly the key for that as no other ecommerce program can offer anything like this! In addition, at allows accepting virtually any type of payment, which also makes it convenient for any buyer to make purchases. The marketplace script has every attribute of being regarded as the best product to commence an online shopping mall and be successful, so all that is left to do is to buy the software and succeed with your very own online business. There is no need of applying for expensive new developments anymore, which take so long to be produced and lag after all. Multi Vendor is a real solution, which already has proved to be perfect has the quality that stands second to none!

Besides marketplace software of top-notch quality and reliability we offer shopping mall add-ons to make any your online store stand out of the crowd.

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