The Internet is generally agreed today that it became common thing in the social life. It is a global virtual computer Network which connects people from different parts of the world. There are millions of people and companies which always are online to provide solutions for different kind of users’ problems as personal as commercial. Online Network gives us an opportunity to find and research products, read and write reviews of them and it’s important to note that we can do it whenever we want. Companies found the new way of the business organization, it’s an electronic commerce. They started to create web stores, which gained popularity so fast. Shopping in the Internet has firmly established in common life. Great majority of people choose this type of purchasing, because it is very important in terms of saving their time. They don’t want to waste time for transport or for walking through the big city malls searching for the best offer. It repels buyers from the ordinary markets. E-shopping is convenient for them and attracts purchasers to do it in an easy way. There are a lot of online markets where they can buy anything they want, but most of them are narrow focused, such as clothes, auto parts, repair tools and building, pet supplies, appliances, etc.

Shoppers like searching through the Internet for the goods as well as compare prices­ and delivery time of the same product at the different virtual stores. But how it is easy to do that at the one web store? That’s why nowadays multi-vendor online shops gain in popularity (it’s like a big shopping center where sellers have their own showcases and customers are given a chance to make an easy purchase as well as have a wide range to choose. For example, Ebay, Aliexpress, TaoBao, etc, and they grow up bigger and bigger. This type of the Internet store allows administrator to organize virtual marketplace where different sellers and companies can create profiles and run sales of their goods.

It enables you to create unlimited number of separate marketplaces in one database only. One of the examples of such platforms which allows create multi-store ecommerce is CS-Cart. This software helps users deliver a global multi-store ecommerce plan through a single system. This kind of software is easy-to-manage in administrating and has a rich functionality. The modern technologies improve the performance; it simplifies the users’ work. The basic tools are enough to build custom shopping system. Also, it has a good reputation through the businesses in the Internet; we believe it’s very important point. With regard to the price, it is available and profitable. There is no problem to buy and download multi-vendor software. Also, you have 30 days for free usage, this time is enough to try creating and starting your own marketplace in the Internet. This solution allows you to create and manage a huge virtual store with a big number of shippers and vendors in one showcase. Actually, the solution can include unlimited number of accounts. You can expand your business in the Internet without limitations. And by the way sellers can be as a legal as a natural persons. The supplier is responsible for the quality of goods or services.

It should be noted, that the main challenge in order to create a successful virtual store with variety of vendors is web promotion. Furthermore, the traffic quality and quantity increases incomes of the e-shop. Your multistore needs to take high degree on the Internet search; therefore it’s important to choose promotion strategy. It provides an opportunity to embrace the entire segment and engage target visitors of your website, i.e. people who want to start sales at your virtual market and shoppers who are ready to buy there. When you decide to start the business in the Internet, you should understand that the World Wide Web is the source of clients. That’s why the development will take a place online. Certainly, you need to spend extra money to make your venture successful. That’s why you need to use all available tools to make your virtual marketplace more popular. There are three steps: first is a request for site promotion using search engines optimization (SEO). It helps your site not to go down at the beginning. The second is Affiliate program. That is a partners’ suggestion of posting a direct link to your store. And the last is social network. There you can place related information and announcements. Users will disseminate and post it at their web pages. All of this will significantly increase sales and all of this investment will pay off.

Multi-store ecommerce

The multi-vendor store owner can earn by selling his products and collecting commissions from the sales that produced through his virtual marketplace or only get profit from the vendor’s transactions. With regard to the administration of the income, partners conclude the agreement related to commission. It provides that a store owner gets benefit from a vendor as a percentage of the product price as a fixed amount per sold product. With regard to such type of question, it should be noted that monetary cooperation must be convenient for everyone, because the purpose of collaboration is earnings a lot of money. For example, you decide to get the fixed amount and it’s 25% from the entire price, but the seller wants to give the discount 60% for all products or only for certain categories. His income will be only 15% and it can be unprofitable. Although it can boost the sales, but wouldn’t do it. In case, you choose the commission from the final price, your sellers will have sales and coupons, of course, they can give the discounts to the regular customers. Or even you can present the discount coupons for the first order to new buyers. All of this will attract new users to your multi-store.

So roughly, there are objective reasons to involve merchants to start sales at the multiple marketplaces. That’s convenient; vendors don’t need to create their own website to sell products. Instead of paying a monthly charge for hosting, they have to pay only the delivery value. The technical knowledge isn’t necessary to start selling products online, it’s enough to find a well-known multistore and create your own marketplace there. There is no need to pay for a credit card payment terminal and SSL certificates. All of this makes the virtual business more profitable and successful. We should note that every seller get a special administer panel to set management settings, for example, add products and its photos, give the description and delivery time, etc.

The member dashboard is very convenient in use. When a customer comes to your e-shop he can choose one product from the shop A and the other one from the shop B, etc., but all of them will be collected in the same Multi-Vendor shopping cart. But you as the admin will receive full orders with suborders for each supplier, while sellers will get only parts of the order that relate to their e-shops. Also, the process of payment is easy, because buyers pay for all purchases even from different shops in one bill. You as an owner of the multi-vendor marketplace get payment, after that you split money between sellers who participated in sales. However, for ease of use the order will be divided into several ones for each supplier. Of course, shoppers can create their wish list to buy later. The additional benefit is direct communication between a customer and a seller. They can discuss the contentious issues there, ask for detailed descriptions of products, etc. Buyers need to feel comfortable at a virtual marketplace.

There opportunities of creating a multi-vendor marketplace are unlimited, because everything moves online. It is comfortable for everyone. You can invite sellers and customers from different countries. All kinds of products from the needle to car can be represented at your multi-store. Don’t forget that the main target of your multi-vendor marketplace is combined revenues. In addition, if you want to make your online stores more beautiful, you can visit our theme catalog.

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