These days, every person may become a private entrepreneur and sell its goods and products online. However, the biggest problem that almost every individual faces is that substantial fleet of personnel might be required, variety of different payments systems has to be accepted and linked to bank accounts and customer services must operate to perfection. For that reason, lots of people do not even give a try and miss outstanding opportunities. The good thing is that there is a marketplace software solution, which can solve the above mentioned problems. It is a ready-made product, so nobody will even have to wait for its development to be finished. This is a multi-vendor PHP system which will help to kick start your very own online business and to make sure it operates well!

Why it is so simple to build up an online store with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

Multi-Vendor is the shopping mall software on which trading online activities will be based on. In fact it is going to be more than a web store but actually an ecommerce shopping mall, which will allow the other sellers to join in and pay you commissions from every sale they make. It is going to be an eBay or Amazon alike and it is the ready-made virtual marketplace script that will allow you to do that. Every person has to deal with a number of different issues when a newly created business starts to operate. The biggest problem is that an entrepreneur will have to settle its payroll bill every month no matter whether the business is profitable or not. In the case with Multi-Vendor it is much easier because aspects like dealing with suppliers, providing customer services, handling financial transaction, issuing the receipts will be handled by just one person –the administrator. This is a highly cost efficient script that will help you to kick start your online business immediately and cost effectively.

Apart from that, it will allow to create a completely separate panel for each online vendor and establish a separate mini ecommerce shop for every seller who comes in. Also every client who joins in will be allowed to familiarize himself with detailed reports and statistics, sales figures and their accounts balances. Buyers will be able to leave feedback on vendor’s panels, do real time shipping calculations and communicate to sellers with the help of twenty-six translations. This is truly revolutionary shopping mall system that helps anyone to be successful in online trading and to launch a multivendor ecommerce store with enormous prospects and opportunities!

What is the purpose of the virtual marketplace platform?

The multi vendor software enables anyone to solve a number of problems without which may be regarded as an obstacle to any business and its eliminations will enable will allow to run operations smoothly and efficiently. Each vendor will be allowed to view their activities’ detailed statistics and reports that will help them to improve and to see missing opportunities. The shopping mall program will provide advanced order management system, so that products in high demands are always ready to be dispatched and ordered on time. Products also approved by the marketplace system because whatever negative grades are received from the buyers, online vendors are notified immediately and the multi vendor system will never make orders for that unless settings are made. The marketplace PHP platform will produce configurable vendor plans; therefore each person will have a viable strategy with set objectives to succeed. Administrative access can be multiple, so if an admin will need to have a day off, will be sick or decides to go on holidays you can always make substitution or do the job instead of him. The most important feature of the ecommerce shopping mall program is offering advanced vendor payout system. Variety of different methods of payments will be accepted, which will be collected on sellers’ behalf. After you receive your commission from each sale money will be transferred to vendors’ accounts.

Open source online shopping mall

The marketplace scrip has its strengths and weakness, so in order to be objective we will have to state both. In fact, the only weakness that has been found is that it may take quite a while for an admin to be trained to use the multi vendor program, so that every its feature is known and his skills are improved to perfection. However, there is the other flip of the coin as if new shopping mall software was about to be ordered and developed an administrator will have to be trained anyway and it is most likely that it will take even more time and money. The range of advantages that are offered by an open source online shopping mall is enormous. It can be stated as follows:

  1. It is a completely ready-made ecommerce product that can be purchased straight away and online business can be launched.
  2. There is no need for waiting while a software development company will produce a custom made version.
  3. The multi vendor system will allow you and your vendors to accept variety of payment methods including debit and credit cards, electronic wallets, PayPal, and many others.
  4. Real time shipping calculations will make sure that every customer will know exactly how much it is going to cost to make the delivery to a particular part of the world.
  5. Communication process among the parties including suppliers, sellers and buyers is very simple as 26 translations will allow to chart and understand each other perfectly.
  6. The marketplace software will provide configurable vendor plans allowing them to be improved and to spot soft patches.
  7. Detailed statistics, sales figures, accounts balances as well as reports provided will enable vendors to work flat out and develop their business to perfection.
  8. Customers will also be allowed to leave their comments on each seller’s wall and leave feedbacks for the others.
  9. Order management system does not exist on any other ecommerce trading platform and makes CS-Cart Multi-Vendor a unique product.
  10. Most recently a mobile application version has been launched; hence buyers can visit the store directly from mobile devices.
Why a high quality virtual shopping mall will attract a lot of buyers.

When it comes to build a multi vendor center, the most important thing is to bring customers’ satisfaction. It could only be reached by providing quality services and a high quality virtual marketplace as a whole. Customers always demand something including providing high quality customer services, establishing perfect communication with the sellers, accept different methods of payments, leave comments and read reviews from other buyers, to be able to calculate the cost of delivery immediately etc. If all of the above mentioned factors can be provided, an ecommerce shopping mall can be regarded to be a high quality facility. Therefore, it is the high quality marketplace trading center that will attract the buyers from all over the world and this is the Multi-Vendor that could provide that quality!

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