Published: Mar 5, 2018 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
It was made for huge online malls with many independent vendors. Multi Vendor ecommerce software allows creating Internet supermarkets in which there are many departments and many suppliers who capable to add their own products in the online store, setting the price, methods of delivery, etc. The chief administrator (the owner of the online store) fully controls all suppliers and gets the determined percentage from each transaction. Goods from all suppliers will be stored in the general catalog. Multi Vendor will keep accounts for each vendor separately. Accountancy of the owner's store will always be in order, as all payments to vendors will be registered.

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Create a huge shopping center with Multi Vendor ecommerce software

Excellent Multi Vendor marketplace software is really simple to use. It has a support service that is ready to help at every stage of creating a store. Thanks to it, each owner can have an unlimited number of suppliers and each of them can specify their terms of delivery. The platform allows all the sellers to create a separate administrator panel and a storefront. The presence of a general processing of payments alleviates financial matters. It allows the store’s owner to monitor and control the work of suppliers. The scheme how to create a Multi Vendor website is simple: the owner of a virtual shopping center creates his own mall, invites sellers, they sell their goods in a general display case, and he receives a commission from their sales. An excellent example of such an online mall is eBay or AliExpress.

Features of the indispensable Multi-Vendor platform

  1. A lot of shop windows in one store. When adding goods by independent suppliers, each of their lots will be displayed in the general catalog of the store, which allows visitors to purchase goods from different suppliers in one online store.
  2. Unlimited number of suppliers. It does not matter how many suppliers were registered, their number is unlimited, which will allow expanding online store in the future.
  3. Goods from different suppliers in one basket. While choosing a product, visitors do not see the suppliers, as well as during forming an order and calculating the total amount. All the goods in the basket will be combined into one order and paid for. Administration can track these orders with each supplier. The CS-Cart system automatically separates the suppliers into subcategories.
  4. Administration panel for each seller. Each provider is getting his own administration panel, which will ensure order, because the providers will not interfere with each other and set their values ​​for third-party products.
  5. Processing of payments. After the paying of the order, all funds go to the main administration panel that means to the chief administrator, who, in his turn, hang upon history of orders, distributes funds between suppliers.
  6. Lead Administrator of the online store has complete access to all sections and settings, as well as the products of each vendor, which makes it possible to implement full control over the suppliers.
  7. Payments to suppliers. The transaction history for each vendor is tracked and stored, which allows maintaining accurate accounting.
  8. Delivery methods for each supplier. Each supplier can customize individual delivery methods, and customers who make an order with goods from different suppliers can choose individual delivery methods for a particular product.
  9. Now the ecommerce platform has PayPal Adaptive Payments. This is a system of automatic payments that divides the income between the owner of the shopping mall and the sellers and sends money to the corresponding accounts. Once set up - and forgot about manual work.

Best multi vendor ecommerce platform

The trading platform contains all CS-Cart features:

  • ability to create an unlimited variety of categories and products;
  • built-in template editor;
  • SEO URL pages;
  • store has been translated into many languages;
  • multiple currencies;
  • marketing and promotion tools;
  • built-in affiliate programs;
  • system of return goods;
  • configurable bulk import/export of goods;
  • automatic control of the goods availability in the warehouse;
  • consist of numerous of integrated payment methods and much more.
The best Multi Vendor ecommerce platform is an ideal solution for online markets with several independent sellers or virtual shopping centers with a large number of departments. It includes all the features of CS-Cart Professional, and in addition provides various sellers with the ability to sell out and manage their own products in one common store. With the help of this platform, more than 1300 trading platforms have already been created.

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