If any of you out there are interested in starting your own business online, either on your own or with several friends or family members, there is a solution for you. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is the leading marketplace software that will allow anyone to start their online business immediately and start trading right away. This ecommerce marketplace system is the most popular way to trade online as well as to diversify your commercial activities by attracting other people. Here is how it is done:

How to build up your online shopping mall in the simplest way?

Simplicity is the key word that can be applied to describe how CS-Cart Multi-Vendor works. When Internet just started to evolve and the first stores were opened online, its owners were facing enormous amount of problems. A PHP shopping mall program would have to be developed by turning to a software development company, which has always been very costly and took several months to be completed. The open source online shopping mall system would have to accept as many payment methods as possible and the merchants would have to be linked to the bank accounts, which again was problematic. Employees’ fleet would have to be hired, which included sales representatives, customer services officers, supply service team, administrative workers etc. By using a multi vendor ecommerce marketplace platform, it all will be the thing of the past. You will only need to hire one individual who will occupy the position of admin. The enterprise will be extremely efficient because the business will be eased off from paying enormous salaries. The multi vendor program will do all the work for you. In many ways it will be a pure reflection of how Amazon works and operates, by making it a real online shopping mall. Therefore, thousands of other vendors will be welcomed and start their business as your partner. Each person will share his profits from every sale is made, whilst the system will accept the payments from customers on sellers behalf and after deducting commissions the outstanding balance will be credited to their accounts. This is as simple as that!

What are the purposes of the ecommerce marketplace system?

The open source online shopping mall system offers a number of unique features, which allows running the business nicely and smoothly. The features make daily operations swift and precise. Each of your trading partners will have his separate vendor panel. On this panel general information will be displayed, so that clients know who they are dealing with. Every customer can rate the services and the product quality. Vendors are going to have its separate store, where goods images can be displayed, description and prices left. Each of your partners can receive reports and statistics on their sales and balances on their accounts, so that it can be analyzed at any time and improvements can be made. The PHP shopping mall program also offers ideal solution for providing customer services, as there is a built in free chat which offers as many as 26 instant translations. Additionally, every potential client will always be able to find out the cost of delivery by using online automatic or manual shipping calculator.

Open source online shopping mall system

Well, to begin with, it is important to point out what existing owners of the program said. Many of them found it pretty complex to train an admin in a short period of time, which is regarded as an obstacle of commencing the work straight away. In the other hand, if custom ecommerce marketplace software has to be designed, people will face exactly the same problem and wait for development that lasts for several months and cost much more. So, the problem has been eliminated by providing free three months technical support and training. Now, every buyer of the script can train as many admins as he wants, including friends and relatives. Here is where the real advantages can be listed. This way to build shopping mall website offers multiple level of administrative access; therefore whoever is trained as an admin can substitute a working person who is off, including yourself. It makes a really ready-made multi vendor system that can generate profits for anyone right now! Vendors will be provided by high level of support, not only receiving accounts balance and stats but also configurable plans that they could stick up with!

Vendors will also be provided with flexible product approval facility, which means that on the basis of demands, searches and ratings you will be advised whether to stockpile the products or not. On the basis of this, advanced order management system will be capable to order high quality goods that are popular automatically and cancel from the orders unwanted products. Advanced payout facility is one of the key advantages because sellers do not need to apply for accepting different payment methods. The payments will be received on their behalf and when commissions are deducted the will get the rest of the balance for the sale that has been made. Translations in the live chat as well as shipping calculator will bring lots of benefits for every potential and existing customer. A real breakthrough has been reached when mobile app has been introduced. Now, there are more customers than ever and their number is increasing day after day!

Why it is the quality of the product, which makes the mall attractive to buyers?

The open source online shopping mall system is one of the highest quality products that can be found today! It is well designed, easy to navigate and simple to be used. Its sections are clear and well thought out. Every individual who shops online by using CS-Cart Multi-Vendor will be attracted by provided above features and options. Customers will benefit from choice of payment methods and the feedbacks that are provided by the others. There are multi-store searches, categories and filters that will be adored by every buyer who will visit the virtual shopping mall! This is a true revolution for online shopping and a high quality ecommerce marketplace system is the key to that!

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