is a rapidly growing eCommerce marketplace from Morocco. It’s literally the Moroccan Amazon. The goal of Issam Alloul, the founder of Veemo, is to open a window into eCommerce for Moroccan vendors and allow them to sell not only locally but cover the whole territory of Morocco.

  • 10 000+
    products and still growing
  • 500+
    vendors and still growing
multi-store ecommerce platform
Issam Alloul
Founder of

We are an all-in-one online marketplace based in Morocco. Our biggest goal is to help offline vendors step into eCommerce and outdistance our only competitor in Morocco.

Behind Veemo, there is an in-house team of developers and sales specialists. Issam told us that they have 150 sales persons all over the major cities of Morocco. They develop add-ons and native mobile apps for Veemo. That’s incredible.

“We have resources, we have ideas, and we have a great team of professionals. That is how we will outdistance our competitors.”

— Issam Alloul

multi-store ecommerce platform

Issam made a deep research of the marketplace solutions. He read reviews, compared CS-Cart Multi-Vendor to Wordpress marketplace plugins, Prestashop, Magento, and some Chinese solutions. Finally, he chose CS-Cart multi-vendor marketplace platform because of feature-richness, scalability, and support.

By the end of 2019, they’re planning to attract 100-200 new vendors per day and gain 100,000 vendors offering 4 million products. And probably, when you read this, Veemo has already reached these numbers.

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