Kayamo is an eCommerce marketplace of unique beautiful things from Germany. Günter Windler and his wife run Kayamo to help crafters and designers expand their presence in eCommerce on favourable terms.

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    products — still increasing
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    sellers — still increasing
  • 2
    years online
multi-store ecommerce platform
Günter Windler
Co-founder of Kayamo.eu

In our marketplace, we offer unique beautiful things from European sellers. This is the place where customers meet sellers from all over Europe to buy handcrafted and simply beautiful items. Once my wife was selling jewelry on a big German marketplace but we felt like we needed something bigger than that. We wanted to create our own marketplace and work with sellers on more favourable terms. That’s how Kayamo was created.

multi-store ecommerce platform

Günter runs Kayamo together with his wife. Before they launched their marketplace, Günter’s wife was running an online store on a big German marketplace. But year by year the sales were continuously decreasing and they decided to leave that marketplace and open their own online store.

“My wife sold jewelry on a big German marketplace. But sales were decreasing year by year. So we first thought: let's make our own homepage for the products. But we heard a lot of vendors had the same problem. So we thought: Why not? Why shouldn’t we open our own marketplace and give vendors who sell awesome and unique products a new home?

We started with one vendor—my wife. And then turned on Facebook ads and got 3 purchases on our first day. That was a fantastic feeling ... :)

And then we asked around: ‘Are you looking for a new chance? Do you want to sell on Kayamo?’ and so on. We were lucky guys because we were able to attract 3 big sellers. And so we could use them to attract more vendors. At the moment we have about 150 active vendors.”

— Günter Windler

multi-store ecommerce platform

The biggest German marketplace closed the doors, that’s why Günter intensively develops and grows their marketplace—it is a perfect moment.

multi-store ecommerce platform

They first started with Magento but soon they understood that they needed a good technical assistance to realize all the ideas. Magento had a very expensive tech support, so Günter made a research and switched to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace platform in the end:

“Features and design were very important for us when we were choosing the platform. In Multi-Vendor, the admin-panel is easy to use, you can change the look and feel without coding, you can change many, many things from the admin panel such as the design or the commission rates and so on. And the price: the cost-value ratio is fantastic. So, at the end I would chose it again”

— Günter Windler

In Germany, laws are quite strict for eCommerce. Günter and his wife needed about a year to bring Kayamo in line with German law. They did a great job and now Kayamo meets all the legal requirements.

They are still running the marketplace the two together. All the technical assistance and the server is provided by the CS-Cart’s authorized partner Simtech Development.

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