Tomasz Kretek is the co-founder of two B2B multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces in Poland. is a portal that connects companies with grocery suppliers. does the same but specializes in coffee—connects local coffeehouses with the best coffee suppliers.

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multi-store ecommerce platform
Tomasz Kretek
Co-founder of and

GetBerry is our first marketplace project. It connects companies with food suppliers. The idea came to us after I faced problems with ordering supplies for the company I worked for from local suppliers. So, my cousin and I decided to create a portal that will help companies to easily order products from different suppliers in one place. Later, my friend and I created another marketplace for coffee shops and coffeehouses—GetCoffee.

When Tomasz was working for another company, he was ordering supplies for it from different local suppliers. That was super inconvenient—the company had to contact every supplier by phone or email. It was taking a huge amount of time and effort to order all the products the company needed. So, Tomasz thought that it would be cool to be able to order all the supplies on one website. And that’s how GetBerry was born.

multi-store ecommerce platform

“First, we launched GetBerry on another marketplace software platform, but then we transferred it to CS-Cart Multi-Vendor in just one night, as the next day, we had our first customer presentation scheduled.”

— Tomasz Kretek

The second online marketplace was founded by Tomasz and his friend. The friend has been working in the coffee industry for 14 years. He has a coffee shop and works with coffeehouses. There are a lot of coffeehouses in the local area and they all need suppliers.

So, Tomasz together with his friend created a supply portal for coffeehouses so that they could easily order all the coffee supplies from one virtual place, but yet—directly from the roasteries. Tomasz was already familiar with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace platform, so, the software choice was quite obvious.

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Point of interest: GetCoffee doesn’t have the “Become a seller” link on the storefront. It means suppliers can’t register on the portal themselves. The GetCoffee team looks for quality suppliers, contacts them personally, and invites to the marketplace. This method guarantees that only reliable suppliers with quality products are present on

When Tomasz was searching for a marketplace software for their first marketplace GetBerry, he made a thorough online research. He was looking through software comparisons and came across CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace platform.

Ease of use and a convenient vendor backend were two most important points for him. Multi-Vendor met both. Tomasz’s partner tested Multi-Vendor, they liked what they saw and understood that our platform perfectly suited their business model.

multi-store ecommerce platform

Another thing Tomasz loves about Multi-Vendor
is the add-on and theme marketplace and a big developer community:

“To extend our marketplaces functionality, we use ready-made add-ons from the CS-Cart Marketplace. I like how it is convenient to buy add-ons there. We also cooperate with the CS-Cart authorized partner in Poland Draft Interactive and we are very pleased to work with them.

We also developed add-ons ourselves. This was before we found out about CS-Cart developer network. We spent much time learning the documentation and developing our own add-ons. But then we came across an authorized CS-Cart development company. Thanks to them, our marketplaces are getting new features very fast.”

— Tomasz Kretek

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