is an all-in-one online marketplace for Iraq and the Middle East. It is a subsidiary company of a big conglomerate AI Taif Group. Mohammed Abdulfattah, Business Development Manager of Al Taif Group & Managing Director of, shared with us their goal: they aim to help sellers in Iraq and the Middle East step into online.

  • 200 000
    products and still growing
  • 12
    big product categories, and still growing
  • 4 countries
    eTaif has stores in
multi-store ecommerce platform
Mohammed Abdulfattah
Business Development Manager of Al Taif Group & Managing Director of is the Middle East’s eCommerce marketplace. It is a place where sellers from Iraq and all over the Middle East meet customers and offer their goods online. We connect people and products Our mission is to open a window into online for sellers and make online shopping easier for our target customers in Iraq specially.

eTaif is a part of a big group of companies AI Taif Group, which includes a logistics, insurance, money transfer, money exchange, car parking, and other companies worldwide.

multi-store ecommerce platform

So, the marketplace is very well supported and developed. The number of products and sellers is continuously growing and the marketplace is becoming more and more feature-rich. For example, it has a fully-functional native application in App Store and Google Play.

“Before launching, we planned out and prepared the budget for development, staff, and vendors engaging. The company has enough resources to develop and support the marketplace and take care of a constantly growing sales and vendor relation teams.”

— Mohammed Abdulfattah

The target audience of the marketplace are customers from Iraq. According to Mohammed Abdulfattah, today Iraq is being rebuilt into something new and bigger, and many companies there want to expand their presence on the Internet. helps companies step into online.

“Iraq and the Middle East are quite new to eCommerce. That’s why we needed to ‘teach’ sellers and customers form these regions to sell and purchase things online. That was one of the hardest challenges.”

— Mohammed Abdulfattah

eTaif Director, Mohammed Abdulfattah, together with his team made a deep research comparing different marketplace solutions. They finally chose CS-Cart Multi-Vendor because it perfectly suited their business model and all the requirements. Multi-Vendor was a perfect solution to quickly test MVP without spending millions of dollars.

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