Comadre is a mix of an online store and a social network. Women meet here, chit-chat, share photos, and buy stuff.

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Comadre is a social shopping website created by Latinas and for Latinas, as they state.

This online market is a great place for women to shop and socialize. Here Latinas have a place to share ideas, indulge in fun, shop and catch up on the latest in style and fashion.

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In 2013, Comadre founder, Lillian Romero, looked around the Internet for a website by Latinas for Latinas and came up short. There were apparel sites here and social sites there, but nothing like a mix of these two! So, the idea of Comadre was born.

On this marketplace, customers can buy apparel, accessories, hair-care products, home products, and kitchenware from Chile, the Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

All the stuff they sell has a traditional Hispanic touch!

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"When Latinas call you Comadre, it comes from the heart. Comadre is a new website built for and by Latinas, that honors that special bond."

Lillian Romero

Founder of Comadre

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