Key Admin Features in CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

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Advanced Vendor Payout System

Automate payouts to vendors to save 90% of your time. Payments management is the most significant part of every online marketplace. You will have to deal with commissions and distribution of payments between vendors every day.

In Multi-Vendor, you can use automatic or manual vendor payouts.

Automatic payouts are carried out via a built-in "PayPal Adaptive payments" functionality.

PayPal Adaptive distributes the payment between vendors and sends commissions to your account.

You no longer have to worry about how to divide the money between vendors. Multi-Vendor and PayPal Adaptive Payments will do it for you.

And if you need to make a manual payment, you can use the vendor accounting feature to record each payout.

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Configurable Vendor Plans

Earn extra with vendor monthly payments. In the Multi-Vendor system, you can create subscription plans for vendors with different conditions and limitations.

Vendor plans is a flexible tool that helps you increase your revenue.

First of all, apart from commissions, it allows you to take a monthly fee from vendors for selling in your marketplace.

Secondly, with vendor plans, commissions are pre-set for each plan, and a new vendor just picks the most suitable option. The vendor plans functionality will save you from troubles with setting commissions for vendors manually.

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Multiple Levels of Administrative Access

Let your employees take up the duties while you are engaged in fundamental things.

Running a large-scale marketplace is much easier when delegating certain duties to your staff members. The Multi-Vendor platform allows registering employees and set different levels of access to the admin panel.

For instance, your web designer can work on the look-and-feel of the marketplace while sales guys add products and process orders.

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Flexible Product Approval System

Make product management simple and efficient. In Multi-Vendor, product approval is flexible and handy at the same time. You will have 3 options:

  • You can let your vendors showcase products without moderation.
  • Check every product added by vendors.
  • Allow certain vendors to add products without moderation.

Besides, you can choose either to approve product updates or let vendors update product details without moderation.

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Advanced Order Management System

Offer your customers the most convenient checkout process. Your eCommerce marketplace will contain thousands or millions of products. What if a customer orders 2 products from different vendors?

In Multi-Vendor, customers don’t need to place multiple orders to buy goods from several vendors. They place only one order and make a single payment in this case.

From the admin panel side, 2 separate orders are created, and each vendor can see an order that contains only his or her products.

multi vendor shop system

Detailed Statistics and Reports

Feel the pulse of your marketplace. It is impossible to run a successful marketplace without deep analysis based on statistics and reports.

What does Multi-Vendor offer you in terms of statistics? Multi-Vendor is integrated with Google Analytics. This service generates detailed statistics about your website visitors. It gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Google analytics is the most powerful tool for analysis nowadays. And it’s absolutely free!

Another built-in analysis tool is called "Sales reports". It gives you detailed statistics on the sales in your marketplace. Statistics may be represented in a form of graphical or tabular charts. For convenience, charts are grouped into separate reports.

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Vendor-specific categories

Increase your income assigning certain product categories to individual vendors. For example, you can allot one category of products to a vendor and charge him extra for it. Several vendors can sell their products in one category as well.

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Act on behalf a vendor

Help your vendors learn how to add products or update their company descriptions. This feature allows you to log in under vendors. For instance, your can show sellers how to manage shipping methods right inside their vendor panels.

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Advanced search

Save your time! With 45 search parameters, you will easily locate the required product among thousands of items. Besides, you can save search parameters for the future. Advanced search works for products, categories, orders, customers, and vendors.

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Comments and reviews

Boost your sales via ratings and reviews. Customer reviews help vendors earn good image. So, reviews influence vendors’ and thus your income directly.

Multi-Vendor makes it easy for you to manage customer feedback and discussions. Your customers can rate and review vendors and their products.

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Multiple languages,
currencies, taxes

Sell worldwide with Multi-Vendor. 26 built-in translations will allow you to attract vendors from different countries. You are not bound by language limitations anymore. All 26 translations are available for the storefront, admin, and vendor panels.

Besides, you can add any number of other languages, currencies, and taxes via the admin panel.

marketplace payment gateway

Over 70 integrated
payment methods

Guarantee payment security to your customers. Multi-Vendor includes over 70 built-in certified payment services including the most secure:

  • PayPal
  • Authorize.Net
  • 2Checkout
  • First Data
  • eWay
  • SagePay

When launching your marketplace, you don’t have to worry about integrating a third-party payment gateway.

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8 realtime + manual
shipping methods

Make the life of your vendors easier. Multi-Vendor eСommerce platform includes automatic shipping cost calculation by 8 world’s biggest carriers. It means that your vendors will not have to specify shipping cost for each product manually. Besides, it is possible to set custom shipping methods.

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Return merchandise

Simplify returns management. From now on, all refund requests are in one place. You can manage and analyze return requests right inside your marketplace admin panel.

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Built-in layout editor

Stop depending on programmers. Multi-Vendor includes a built-in layout editor, a powerful tool for customizing the look and feel of your marketplace. It allows you to arrange data blocks on every single page of your storefront by simple drag & drop without hiring technical experts.

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Responsive themes

Take the most of the mobile sales. Responsive Multi-Vendor design themes make your store look cool on any device. Thanks to the responsive themes, Google will mark your marketplace as mobile-friendly. It will rank it highly for customers browsing from smartphones and tablets.

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On-site content editing

Update the content on your marketplace in a visual mode. You can see the storefront with all the editable interface elements. It is possible to navigate through the interface just as if you were using the regular mode.

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Rocket your sales with Multi-Vendor. Our advanced Promotion system allows you to offer various bonuses to your customers. You just choose a condition that customers should meet to obtain a bonus.

You will be pleased by a wide variety of promotions:

  • discount on the order or some products
  • invitations to user groups
  • free shipping
  • additional free products
  • gift certificate and many more
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Cross-selling tools

Increase the average bill with Multi-Vendor cross-selling tools. You can create various product lists with automatic and manual block filling types.

Draw your customers’ attention to Bestsellers, Newest products, Most popular, Recently viewed, On-sale, Similar, Featured, and Recommended products.

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Data feeds

Get extra leads from shopping directories like Google Product Search, Shopzilla,, etc.

With Data feeds, you can export any number of custom product feeds of different formats to shopping directories. Furthermore, feeds can be regularly generated and uploaded automatically.

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Reach potential customers through popular search engines. Your marketplace will take top ranks in online search results with SEO-friendly URLs, meta description, Google rich snippets, Canonical URLs, and 301 redirects.

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Abandoned carts

Bring customers back and persuade them to complete the order. Abandoned carts section keeps personal lists of products that your store visitors left in their carts and wish lists. For registered customers, the products from the list are automatically added to the cart when they visit your marketplace again.

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Built-in blog

Engage customers and keep contact with them. With Multi-Vendor software, you can create a fully functional blog inside your marketplace. In your blog, you can publish news, special offers, and announcements.

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Built-in import / export tool

Get full control over your store’s data. The export and import functionality is essential for an online mall. Multi-Vendor allows you to export and import features, orders, products, subscribers, translations, and users. This feature uses the CSV data format that is commonly supported by other software. For example, you can export data from your store to any stock accounting system.

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Bulk product editing

Save your time while updating products globally. 45 product parameters can be edited in bulk for hundreds or thousands of products listed in your marketplace in a few mouse clicks. For instance, "Out of stock actions", "Promo text", "Zero price action", "Maximum order quantity", and what not.

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Built-in database
backup / restore tool

Protect yourself against troubles. It may be a good idea to make periodic database backups — that way you can always roll back to the previous state if something goes wrong. This tool allows you to easily back up the whole database of your marketplace and restore it from a backup copy.

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