Published: Dec 1, 2014 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov

The emergence of ecommerce made vendors revise their business opinions and move ventures into Internet. Thousand of merchants decided to seize a piece of the pie, launching their own online shops and as a result, now we can see huge marketplaces with diverse web stores. In accordance to the rules of traditional business, online marketplace became a very competitive environment and many vendors had to think how to save a place in the sun. Some website owners possessed enough money to promote their web stores and others were full of genius ideas how to attract customer's attention, but, at any rate, plenty of other websites failed and became history. However, new vendors have realized that not all of them can overpass the high level of marketplace competition and only joint efforts will save them from inevitable failures. They decided to organize a large marketplace, where every merchant will be independent and able to grow his business, without spending a fortune on regular web store maintenance. Website owners liked this idea so much and now we can see such well-known and successful marketplaces with impressive revenues, as Amazon and eBay.

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multi vendor shopping cart

If you are a confident mature businessman, then you must be thinking over expanding your ecommerce power and increasing the level of your revenues in years. The main benefit for any owner of a multiple marketplace is the opportunity to get regular fees from independent vendors and grow the reputation of a marketplace at the expense of its vendors. Everything depends just on you – the more vendors joined your marketplace, the more profit you will get. We know that it's rather hard to find an appropriate multi-site shopping cart to launch your own small-sized online store, not to mention such a difficult ecommerce project as online multiple marketplace, but CS-Cart has read your mind and is ready to offer you the most functional and sophisticated shopping carts for an existing website right now.

Marketplace Software

For website owners, who intend to organize their own marketplace and are going to satisfy the whole segments of ecommerce marketplaces, our standalone online selling software Multi-Vendor will be the most ideal choice. This multi-site shopping cart provides any vendor of your online marketplace with a separate and secured admin panel, allowing them to manage their own settings and products. Being a marketplace owner, you will be able to get full access to all web stores of your vendors, as our web page shopping cart is integrated with a root store administrator tool. A root administrator can control all vendor's actions within a certain store, including adding products to catalogs and, if it's required, can pre-moderate vendor's activity. Moreover, a financial operation such as money distribution is implemented by a root store administrator too – he sends required funds to vendors, basing on the history of orders, which is tracked separately for each provider. The smart web page shopping cart will also help you create own bookkeeping register, as it allows to record vendor's payouts.

If you opt for our online selling software, all your vendors will thank you for such useful web store functions, as built-in payment gateways, installing own specific options at checkout, multiple currency and language options, opportunity to create an unlimited number of products and categories.

Are you interested in our online selling software, but want to know more? Don't hesitate to test it in a demo mode or ask us additional questions.

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