Published: Aug 15, 2018 Last updated: Aug 15, 2018 Yan Kulakov
Ecommerce is available for virtually everyone these days but lots of people still hesitate as it is often perceived as a step into unknown. Individuals do not know where to start, how to build up your very own trading platform, how to deal with suppliers and customers internationally, how to get a merchant and link it with the bank account and most importantly how to get the right ecommerce software that will enable to link the above mentioned factors together and succeed. Many individuals and incorporated bodies take a lot of risk by applying to software development companies to get newly created tool that is specifically designed for them. Many analysts and critics would agree that this is a huge mistake as the market already has the marketplace website builder called Multi-Vendor that is already available to purchase and make you successful not only with your very own online store but actually an entire online shopping mall. Bellow, it will be explained how it is done and what advantages you can get.

What are the principles of shopping mall creation which are so simple?

If an interested party would opt to use the multi vendor script that will almost certainly make creation of your very own shopping mall very easy.

Firstly, one of the most important aspects that make a store difficult to open and run on daily basis is the labor costs. Payroll bill is huge at the end of the month and irrespective whether your virtual store is profitable or not the bill will have to be settled. You will need people who will deal with sales, supplies, customer services, deliveries arrangements, bank accounts, issuing bills and doing paperwork etc. With Multi Vendor the payroll bill is reduced to its minimum as the only one person – the administrator will deal with everything.

Secondly, the marketplace program allows you to deal with customers and suppliers internationally because it has twenty six built in translations, which allow chart with customers in real time, letters and documents are automatically translated, descriptions of the goods that are sold also translated too as well as the customers can chart with admin in their own languages.

Thirdly, the shopping mall platform allows you to diversify the business by not only selling your own staff but also other vendors to join in your ecommerce trading platform, increase amount of goods on offer and pay you commissions from their sales. It is going to be like on EBay when lots of people are coming in and selling their own staff on one multi vendor shopping center creating one huge online marketplace.

Fourthly, every vendor will have his own separate trading panel and its mini web store.

Fifthly, each online vendor will have his very own report including balance sheets and statistics that is also going to be available to you, so each seller’s activities could be monitored. The sixth thing is that the multi vendor soft allows doing real time shipping calculations no matter in which country the seller and the buyer are located.

Finally, the marketplace program will be linked to the merchant and the bank account accepting variety of different payments, when you can take the payments on each seller’s behalf, collect your commissions immediately and transfer the payment to the vendor.

It becomes apparent that Multi Vendor is a unique and possibly the most advanced B2B market place platform in the world. It allows anyone to kick start the online shopping mall business immediately at minimum costs. There is no need of waiting several months when a new ecommerce program will be developed for you and enormous amount of money will have to be paid! The costs of running the business are reduced to its minimum allowing you to collect super normal profits on regular basis!

What are the main purposes of the multi vendor soft?

There are several reasons that explain the initial purposes of what the shopping mall platform should be obtained for. Creation of vendor payout system is one of the aspects without which nor you or any other seller who will join your shopping mall, can sell their goods to their clients. It allows collecting money from the buyers. Exceptionally flexible products approval system will allow to make selection of products’ quality, determine whether it is in demand or not, find out whether the market is already flooded with this particular product. In addition, configurable vendor plans will allow each seller to build up a strategy and employ tactics that will help them to grow up and be successful as well as making your shopping mall successful too. At the same time, advanced order management system will allow each entrepreneur to deal with suppliers and order the exact amount of goods that come right in accordance with the demand. Each customer may leave comments and feedback on each vendor’s wall making it the best multi vendor shopping cart. Moreover, multiple level of administrative access means that your administrator can be substituted at any time and you can access the system not only to check what is going on but also do the job by yourself. Finally, detailed statistics and reports with regards to sales, revenues, profits, orders status, customers’ complains etc. will be at your disposal.

Best multi vendor platform

There are clearly more advantages than disadvantages of this script. When talking about disadvantages, it has to be pointed out that the administrator will has to get to grips with the use of the multi vendor program. The skill must come to perfection, so that everyday operations are run swiftly and smoothly. However, if you opt for a new marketplace script to be developed then that will take exactly the same amount of time for a new specialist to learn how to use shopping mall software, hence it cannot be treated as a serious disadvantage. The range of advantages however is enormous and of cause, that would be very difficult to list all of them but we mention a few:

  1. 26 built in translations will allow supplier, sellers and buyers to communicate with each other easily, make descriptions of the products that is understood everywhere, providing exceptionally good customer services and to chart live.
  2. Real time shipping calculations will allow each client to find out how much it is going to cost to arrange the delivery to any part of the world.
  3. Advance payout system allows to receive payments on sellers’ behalf and to collect commissions for you.
  4. It allows to have unlimited amount of vendors making the prospects for expansion virtually unlimited.
  5. Statistics and reports are provided for each seller as well as for the owner of the shopping mall.
  6. Each buyer can leave comments and feedbacks.
  7. Products approval system stands second to none and regarded to v be the most flexible.
  8. Each seller can get a plan that he can stick with.
  9. Administrative access can be provided to several administrators as well as to the owner of the shopping mall.
  10. Each vendor receives his balance sheets, statistics and reports so that he can constantly improve his activities.
  11. Each vendor will have his mini store and separate vendor panel.
What are the key principles that high quality multi vendor soft will make the online store attractive to customers?

The marketplace software is regarded as the best multi vendor platform by many analysts and leaders of online shopping industry. It is the program that enables business to be run and managed efficiently, which makes customers attracted to it! Each buyer would like to receive outstanding customer services and be communicated in their own languages. The products quality has to be approved and it has to be made sure that each store has exactly what customers want. Clients want to know the costs of delivery immediately when a decision to buy something has been made. They also want to leave and read feedbacks as well as to be able to make the payments using variety of different methods. Multi Vendor can provide all of it and perhaps much more, hence it is the only program that can make your virtual shopping mall and other sellers’ stores successful!

Multi-Vendor license prices are reasonable and will save your cost on opening your own virtual shopping mall dramatically in the long run.

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