E-commerce Marketplace Business Models

There are 3 popular online marketplace business models: B2C, B2B, and C2C. Each of these models includes 3 major types of marketplaces: retail, service, and booking.

Online marketplaces of any type have a great potential and are projected to grow fast in the upcoming years. We have made research and would like to demonstrate the growing power of the online marketplace industry.

The very base of your eCommerce marketplace is the software platform. It should be specifically developed for creating an online marketplace. But that's not enough. A marketplace software solution should have specific functions to support your business model.

With the CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace solution it doesn't matter what kind of an internet marketplace you are going to start. It has all the necessary functions for retail, service, booking, b2b, and c2c marketplaces. Read the above articles to get the idea about each marketplace business model and how you can start your marketplace with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.