Almost everyone has once dreamt of having their very own enterprise. These days Internet provides enormous opportunities in the ecommerce sphere but unfortunately there is a number of obstacles that does not commit individuals to commence such activities. People do not know which programs have to be used that will allow them to accept variety of different payment methods as well as what will enable them to have a decent marketplace trading platform. Custom made multi vendor software is extremely expensive and will take some time to be produced. However, there is a shopping mall solution for this problem that will allow to start online business almost immediately. It is the marketplace PHP script called Multi-Vendor, which entrepreneurs do not have to wait for to be designed and by simply purchasing it, dreams will become the reality.

How things get simple?

Multi-Vendor is unique marketplace application that will not only allow establishing online store but also attracting other sellers from different countries to us it and pay the shopping mall script’s owner commissions from every sale they make. It works on the same basis as eBay or Amazon where online vendors have their own virtual store, diversifying and expanding the range of offered products and creating a real online shopping mall. This is a ready-made product, which provides exceptional value for money and does not have to be waited for to be developed. The other thing that looks very attractive is that owners do not have to worry about settling payroll bills, simply because there is no need for hiring lots of personnel staff. Salaries have to be paid on monthly basis no matter whether the enterprise is successful or not, whereas it is the only one employee – the administrator will handle every task to make the web shopping mall to operate. Total and variable casts are reduced dramatically making operations very cost efficient and effective! It eliminates lots of problems, which usually rise when it comes to a question of how to create a market place site and make it successful.

What are the purposes of the multi vendor platform?

The main purpose of the marketplace software is to make the virtual shopping mall functional and attractive for customers as well as the vendors themselves. Its features include creation of separate vendor panels and mini ecommerce stores for each vendor who will join the multi vendor platform to sell their goods. Your partners will be able to view their accounts, balance sheets and to analyze their statistics and reports. On these basis sellers can improve their performance and increase their sales. In the other hand customers can leave their feedbacks on sellers’ panels as well as to rate quality of services provided along with products they sell. The shopping mall platform allows suppliers, vendors and buyers to communicate with each other in real time because twenty-six languages that are built in will allow to do that with ease. Apart from that, shipping calculator enables all parties to find out how much it is going to cost to make parcels deliveries to any part of the world!

Open source shopping mall system

Many people who purchased a shopping mall builderfound the only one minor weakness. It is based on the fact that qualified administrator who runs everything will have to be trained and it apparently will take some time. In the other hand, a custom designed marketplace platform will also require even more training to be done and taking into account the time it takes for such multi vendor script to be designed, it takes even longer to be launched and business to be started. The range of advantages of having Multi-Vendor instead is huge and it overshadows the above mentioned weakness. Here are some of them:

  1. This is a ready-made virtual marketplace program and there is no need for its design to be finished, which usually takes several months.
  2. It creates a unique opportunity to accept variety of different payment methods on sellers’ behalf. Commissions are collected and the outstanding balance is transferred directly to your partners.
  3. It allows to accept credit and debit cards, electronic wallets, PayPal and many other systems.
  4. Your partners will receive statistics and reports on regular basis, which will establish the base for constant improvements.
  5. Advanced order management system will help to order goods that are in demands automatically or manually.
  6. Products approval system that also based on rating provided by the buyers will allow not to order the goods, which are not popular among customers.
  7. The multi vendor program will also create configurable vendor plans, so that your partners can build their very owns strategies and tackle obstacles well.
  8. The shopping mall system has multiple level of administrative access. For that reason if the admin will have to be substituted due to illness or being on holidays you can always do the job instead of him or hire someone else to do the job.
  9. Comments and reviews will attract customers from many parts of the globe because feedbacks are very important part of any online store. Services provided by vendors are adequately rated and encourage them to perform well.
  10. Built in translator is absolutely unique, so no matter in which country the potential buyer lives or vendor basis its activities they can communicate with each other in real-time.
  11. Shipping calculations can be made in real-time too, as well as it could also be done manually.
  12. Lately, the open source shopping mall system also became available for mobile applications; hence buyers from all over the globe can shop using their mobile devices.
Why a perfect quality multi vendor platform does attract more buyers?

Every single client would like to use high quality marketplace software. In fact, it is the advanced shopping mall script attracts them to come and shop over and over again. Individuals would like to leave feedbacks and read other buyers’ reviews. They want to know how much it will cost to deliver their parcel to the part of the world where customer lives. People appreciate when customer services could be provided immediately in their own language. Finally, it is important to provide a potential client to make the payment in the most convenient way that suites him or her. Multi-Vendor can provide all of the above mentioned criteria and it certainly makes it ideal, ready-made marketplace software that will attract lots of buyers and make online business successful!

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