CS-Cart's Marketplace Academy

Learn how to start, promote, and grow an online marketplace. Shape your personal marketplace launch strategy.
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In the CS-Cart's Marketplace Academy, you will learn:

Why starting your own marketplace is an outstanding idea

How to grow your marketplace

How to make your marketplace popular

How to launch your own marketplace

About CS-Cart's Marketplace Academy

We've been developing marketplaces and helping entrepreneurs start and run marketplaces for more than 17 years. We want to share our expertise with more entrepreneurs.

We'd like to show everyone who's thinking about starting their own online marketplace that it's not that hard and scary if you have a solid launch plan.

After completing our Marketplace Academy, you will clearly understand whether you need a marketplace and why, and have a clear strategy for the marketplace launch.

Who the education is for

You don't need expertise in eCommerce and technology to start your education in our Marketplace Academy. What you need is the motivation to launch a successful online business and minor understanding of entrepreneurship.

Companies that are launching a large online project

Looking for a way to diversify your business? Start a marketplace based on our guides and get your market share.

Experienced entrepreneurs who want to go online

Want to start a large eCommerce project to grow your existing business? Good, our education can guide you.

Online store owners who want to go bigger

Have a working online store and want to scale it with a marketplace? Super, enroll and form your marketplace launch strategy.

Startuppers with a unique business idea

Have an awesome idea for a marketplace? Great, you only need a strategy, which you'll get from our education.

What problems the education solves

Provides clear instructions on how to launch and grow a marketplace

Allays fears of starting an online marketplace

Helps to shape your personal strategy for starting a marketplace

Helps to implement the knowledge into your live project

Gives clear understanding of marketplaces as an online business

What problems the education solves

What exactly you will learn

  • Motivation and inspiration for the marketplace launch
  • Guide on the problems a marketplace can solve for you
  • What tasks you need to solve with a marketplace
  • What kind of marketplace is the best for you
  • What niches you can enter and what's going on in those niches
  • Why a good idea is a powerful business driver
  • What marketplace software is the best for you
  • A list of resources that helps you stay up to date with marketplace trends
  • What challenges you will face during the marketplace launch and how to overcome them
  • How to come up with awesome marketplace ideas
  • Steps on validating your idea
  • What marketplace business model is the best for you
  • How to pick the right marketplace platform for your project
  • How to launch a marketplace MVP
  • First steps on running a marketplace
  • What design and layouts you need for your marketplace
  • What shipping and payments methods you need on your marketplace
  • What legal documents to prepare for your marketplace
  • Strategy on attracting sellers to your marketplace
  • Best practices for managing your sellers
  • Ways of attracting customers to your marketplace
  • Strategy of setting up pricing for your marketplace
  • Understanding of how to process orders
  • Grow your metric tree
  • Understanding whether you need custom development
  • Checklist of problems that you can face after the launch and how to deal with them
  • …and much more on marketplace promotion and growth

Solidify your knowledge by shaping your actual marketplace strategy
Practical homeworks
Receive one lesson a week and learn at your own pace—no need to hurry and alter your schedule
100% self-paced
See your progress by completing a test in the end of each module
Exam, which finalizes each module
Do your homeworks in a real marketplace platform demo
Learning on real marketplace software

How you will learn

What you get after completing the education

Develop a shaped strategy for launching your own marketplace and get a certificate of completion.
Your personal shaped strategy for launching a marketplace

Guides and checklists to help you start and run a marketplace

Access to a live marketplace software for learning

Access to a community chat to exchange experience.

Opportunity to become our partner and build marketplaces for your clients

Certificate of completion

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