Published: Sep 14, 2018 Last updated: Aug 5, 2021 Yan Kulakov
Today, ecommerce can bring enormous opportunities for almost every individual as well as incorporated body that can diversify its businesses by accessing worldwide audience. It is unfortunate that so many people do not know where to start from and the answers on technical questions are still regarded to be as very complex. Individuals do not know what ecommerce software solutions can be used to kick start an online business and how to accept different payment methods as well as to link it to the bank account. Fortunately, thanks to modern technologies and ready made products like a virtual shopping mall application, the complexities can be overcome with ease. There is no need to wait for a marketplace software company developer to make the virtual multi vendor program for you and there is no need to pay enormous amount of money too!

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Why it makes opening an online shopping mall so easy?

Well, the first aspect to answer the question has already been stated – there is no need to wait several months and to be overcharged five times as much! All that people need to do is to opt for readymade product. Multi vendor is a unique virtual marketplace solution where you will have the only one employee who will work as an administrator and control everything. In real life situation you will need the fleet of personnel to deal with sales, stock suppliers, dealing with customer services, handling transaction, managing logistics, issuing receipts, handling financial transactions. Therefore, the shopping mall script reduces the payroll bill to its minimum which will have to be paid anyway at the end of the month, no matter whether business is profitable or not! In addition, by purchasing the marketplace multi vendor tool you will have a separate section for you and for every other vendor who wants to get in and to trade on your very own virtual trading platform. Hence it is not an Internet store but actually an ecommerce shopping mall with variety of products and lots of sellers who pay you commissions from each sale they make. Overall, it is like the eBay or Amazon where you are the owner of your very own Internet shopping mall. Nobody needs to open bank accounts as the marketplace program is connected to different payments methods, allows to debit funds from credit and debit cards, accept PayPal, electronic wallets etc.

What the shopping mall soft is needed for?

Multi vendor has a number of features that makes it simply irreplaceable and without which the store cannot function well. It is the functionality that makes the marketplace software so unique and day to day operations being carried out automatically under control of just one person. Firstly, what each seller needs is the separate vendor panel that enables him to work directly with the buyers, display products, write descriptions and make special offers. Secondly, there will be a separate store for every vendor, where different sections are located, buyers can leave their feedbacks and comments and where transactions are made from. Thirdly, there is a unique feature where 26 translations are built in, so buyers, sellers and suppliers can communicate with each other in real time situations, irrespective which language they speak and in which part of the world they live. Fourthly, the licensed shopping mall tool can do shipping calculations in real time too, so that every buyer will know how much it will cost to receive the purchased product. Fifthly, each vendor will get the rating as everyone will be able to leave their comments and write the review of customer services a vendor provides. Finally, each seller who joins in will be able to view his account balance, sales data as well as to receive overall reports and statistics.

What advantages and disadvantages Multi-Vendor has?

Indeed, every product has its own advantages and disadvantages. The main weakness of the shopping mall software can be referred to the fact that it will take some time for the administrator to get to grips with the use of the virtual shopping mall program and to know every its feature. The skills must be trained to perfection and it is clearly going to take some time. However, it cannot be treated as real disadvantage, as if the custom multi vendor program is ordered it might for administrator to learn how to use it even longer! Apart from that, a custom made marketplace script will take so much time to be developed, so in this case it is proved that disadvantage becomes the advantage. Bellow, additional range of advantages is provided:

  1. Each vendor will receive the benefits of advanced payout system, where money from a buyer is debited on his behalf and transferred to vendor immediately once you receive commissions from his sale.
  2. Each product will receive flexible approval by the system on the basis of its quality, demand and value for money and popularity.
  3. Each seller will benefit from sophisticated order management system, where products which are in demands will be either ordered automatically from suppliers or a notice to seller will be issued that stockpiles are running low.
  4. The marketplace program may produce configurable vendor plans, so that each seller can manage its activities, set targets, do the estimates and observe current situation.
  5. Reports with regards to sales, its statistics and detailed reports will also be at sellers’ and your personal disposal.
  6. Administrator is not the only one person who is allowed to get inside the internet marketing tool. Multiple level of administrative access will allow you to overlook and observe everything that happens inside your very own virtual shopping mall.
  7. You personally save lots of money by not developing a new product.
  8. Twenty-six translations will allow everyone including buyers, suppliers and sellers to communicate with each other no matter which language every individual speaks.
  9. Clients will be able to make shipping calculations and know exactly how much the delivery will cost them.
  10. Reduction of employees and salaries which will have to be paid to its minimum.

How to launch a multivendor online store?

Every ecommerce store has to be attractive to its customers. This is particularly important when you are about to operate your very own online shopping mall. Customers must receive high quality customer service, which is done via direct communications and ability to leave comments and reviews. Buyers must receive high quality goods, which is done via products approval system. Buyers and sellers have to be able to understand each other well and it must be done in real time, hence it is done with the help of built in translations. Each individual wants that his favorite method of payment is accepted, so it is guaranteed by having advanced payout system etc. Every feature the multi vendor software has is contributing to the fact that this is a very high quality marketplace solution that will keep your clients satisfied. There is no need to go and order a custom shopping mall program, which will be very expensive and will take long time to be developed. Instead, launch multi vendor online store today and enjoy great number of benefits. You will see your very own online business prosperous and flourishing!

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