Food ordering apps have become pretty popular in recent years. Why have they? The answer is simple—convenience. We eat several times a day and at the same time we are super busy every day. Some of us barely have time to eat breakfast and go out of the office in the middle of the working day to have dinner.

And here come food delivery companies such as Just Eat or any just eat clone that operates in your area. You just pick up your smartphone, open the website or the app and order your dinner in a couple of clicks. In an hour, you get your fresh, just cooked food. Pretty awesome, isn’t it? You don’t have to go anywhere—your dinner will come to your place. Food ordering apps and services greatly save you time and often—money.

So, what is Just Eat? It’s a take-out restaurant aggregator. A food ordering marketplace, if you want. Just Eat was founded in 2000 and started working to the full in 2001. It is now based in London. The business model is pretty simple: local take-out restaurants connect to the platform, a customer searches for a desired take-out restaurant, pays online, and orders a delivery. A food pickup option is also available. For now, the marketplace operates in 13 countries in:

  • Oceania
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • The Americas
The Just Eat marketplace uses special online food ordering software that gathers different restaurants on one platform, accepts orders, and initiates the delivery. Almost everything is automated.

How to make a Just Eat clone on a multi vendor food delivery clone script

If you’re planning to start your own food delivery service like Just Eat, you first need to understand what this website is from a technical point of view. So, basically it’s an ecommerce marketplace of services. More precisely—food delivery service marketplace. Take-out restaurants connected to the online food ordering software are vendors and consumers are buyers.

So, what you need to do is to build your website on a just eat clone script. In other words, it is a multi vendor ecommerce marketplace software. And you should carefully choose one—it must have all the necessary features so that you could start quickly without too many modifications and customizations. But just in case, make sure the online food ordering software open source code is available to you as an option or out of the box (preferably).

Now, when you understand what Just Eat is and what kind of a food delivery clone script you need, you can start searching for the solution. There are plenty of those nowadays but unfortunately, not all of them are well-balanced in terms of functionality, scalability, and price.

One of the most balanced solutions for marketplaces is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor. Users say that it has a perfect price-functionality ratio and is perfect to quickly start a marketplace and test the business idea without spending thousands of dollars. is a website in Japan to order pizza. The company was established in 1988 and started operating online in 1990. They have over 1,100 employees and 32 offline spots throughout Japan. They use CS-Cart for their food delivery website.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional highly customizable online marketplace software with 100% access to the source code. Thanks to its customizability, you can make any kind of a marketplace out of it, including a restaurant aggregator with online payments and delivery. This just eat clone script has over 500 features out of the box including must-have features for a restaurant aggregator with delivery:

  • Vendor locations—this feature allows you to display restaurants on the map. Customers can see local restaurants with the distance to them and filter restaurants by distance.
  • Comments and reviews—customers can rate restaurants and meals. This is a great tool to motivate vendors to enhance their products and services.
  • Vendor plans—offer the restaurants monthly payment plans and grant or limit access to certain features.
  • Over 70 built-in payment methods—you customers will appreciate a wide choice of payment options.
  • Marketing and SEO tools—offer your customers promotions, a loyalty system, and other bonuses. You can also allow your vendors (restaurants) to create their own promotion campaigns.
You are welcome to test all the features in your free personal Multi-Vendor demo and see for yourself that CS-Cart can be effectively used as online food ordering software.

While managing the online business, vendor management is indeed one of the most taxing jobs. CS-Cart Multi-Vendor e-commerce software helped us to manage various vendors from a different location. Contacting them regarding the order and shipment is now effortless. Just go for it. — William Skinner, a reviewer from

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