Since many merchants use third party software (for example, accounting software like Quickbooks) to manage their products, it is necessary to have the ability to import/export various data. CS-Cart is constantly evolving in this area and continuously extending its import/export facilities.

Files can be imported to or exported from CS-Cart in CSV format. The program enables you to transfer a great deal of data, from language variables to product images. You can select the fields that a CSV file will contain, depending on the information to be imported/exported.

For greater convenience and flexibility, CS-Cart offers a wide array of settings. You can choose a CSV delimiter and the language in which to transfer the data . Also when exporting, for instance, orders, you have the ability to select only the necessary ones and not to export all orders of the store.

Additionally, CS-Cart features the ability to export products into Google Base, a popular online database. This provides extended opportunities to advertise your store online.

shopping cart data import

Figure 1. Import settings in the CS-Cart admin panel

ecommerce data export

Figure 2. Export settings in the CS-Cart admin panel

online store import/export

Figure 3. Exporting orders to Quickbooks