How to Make a Website Like Ebay in 2022
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Online malls are projected to grow ten times by 2025
An ecommerce marketplace is a big deal: you need to make sure your business idea will work, you need a solid business plan and marketing resources. If you have all of this, then you're good to go—you know what to do. But if you're still wondering how to make a site like eBay, then slow down and read on.
What eBay is exactly from a technical point of view?
eBay is an online marketplace where millions of independent sellers showcase their physical and digital products—both on the common storefront and in their micro-stores. All the products can be found through the main search. These are important aspects you should bear in mind when searching for information about how to create a site like eBay.
What are the main steps to start your own marketplace?
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10 main steps when launching a marketplace
Plan your business model
Choose the model for your marketplace:
B2C (Business-to-Consumer) , B2B (Business-to-Business) or C2C (Consumer-to-Consumer).
Choose the monetization model
There are three ways to establish the money flow on your marketplace:
1. All the money goes to the marketplace first. Then the marketplace distribute the mobey between sellers.
2. All the money goes to sellers first. Then they pay a commission to the marketplace.
3. The money is split into two transactions automatically. One part goes to the marketplace, the other goes to the seller.
Choose the shipping model
Marketplaces manage shipping in two major ways. Sellers ship products to customers, or marketplace ships products to customers.

Start the marketplace MVP
MVP allows you to test your idea in action without too much spendings. And the fastest way to launch a marketplace MVP is to build it on a ready multi-vendor software.
Upload your products
There are to ways to fill your catalog with products:
1. Add products one-by-one manually. Usually takes more time than mass import.
2. Import products in bulk. More preferred way for MVP, as it allows you to quickly fill your catalog.
Set up the basic marketplace workflow
Collect feedback from your early adopters. Set up the necessary functionality and add missing features. For example, CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has a Marketplace of add-ons and themes where you can find ready solutions for extending your marketplace.
Set up the marketplace design
Focus on two areas—looks and layouts. Use built-in ot third party design themes and tools to change them. Don't be afraid to experiment with positioning the content on your marketplace storefront.
Set up payment and shipping methods
Modern marketplace software integrates with popular payment and shipping methods by default.
Take care of the legal part
Do not forget about the Marketplace terms amd conditions, privacy and return policy, and website terms of use.
Bring sellers and customers to your marketplace
Where to find sellers? Industry exhibitions and conferences, offline industry forums, business directories, hobby clubs, trade associations, offline stores, and workshops.
Where to find customers? Social media, landing pages, communities.
So, how to build a website like eBay?
A marketplace solution for an eBay-like website must meet these requirements at least:
Unlimited number of sellers and products
If you want to launch a big, enterprise-level, marketplace, consider a platform with no such limitations
Good performance
Your website should work fast no matter if your marketplace has 10 items or 100,000 items
All essential features out of the box
Having all the features that are necessary to build a marketplace by default is the key to fast and easy launch
Great support
It is nice to know that you can always ask a question from a high-skilled person, if you need help
Open source code
Have some developer skills? Good for you. With the open-code engine you can do minor customizations and adjust the platform for your needs
Mobile app for iOS and Android
Expand your business to another market niche and attract customers using mobile devices to your marketplace
One of the solutions that can provide you with all the essential features to create your own successful online business is CS-Cart Multi-Vendor
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional ecommerce multi seller marketplace platform that is specially developed to build electronic commerce websites like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and others. Multi-Vendor is a ready-made self-sufficient internet eCommerce platform with over 500 features on board.

The solution is intended for marketplaces only—it is not some kind of an extension or a plugin.
Why CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a perfect choice to build your eBay-like website?
The engine allows you to quickly launch and continuously grow your marketplace
Features for Admins and Sellers
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has separate panels for administrators and vendors, and provide its users with the features that allow sellers to quickly come to the marketplace and start selling, and admins—to run their businnes and focus on the prosperity and huge goals.
Over 70 Built-in Payment and Shipping Methods
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is integrated with the most popular shipping methods (DHL, FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc.), and payment methods that allow you, among other things, to split payments between vendors (PayPal, Stripe)
Excellent Support
CS-Cart Customer Care is a team of professional IT-engineers ready to help you 24/7. The support provided includes answering questions on the product functionality, minor customizations and lifetime bug fixes.
Mobile Application for iOs and Android
Get your own mobile application with Multi-Vendor Plus and Ultimate. You do not need a developer and build your mobile marketplace from scratch.
Powerful Marketing and SEO Tools
CS-Cart Multi-Vendor allows you to create various promotions and use cross-selling tools to increase the income of your marketplace. And built-in SEO-tools will help indexing your website and lift it up in search results.
Open Source Code
If you have some developer skills and a minimum knowledge in PHP, it will be no problem for you to perform some minor customizations in your CS-Cart platform.
Marketplace of Add-ons and themes
Although CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a feature-rich solution, every marketplace has its specifics. If there is some specific feature that is missing for your platform, you can look for it on the CS-Cart Marketplace of add-ons and themes. And if you want to do a customization, you can also find a developer there.
Great High-Load Performance
Multi-Vendor supports an unlimited number of products and sellers and even with over 100,000 products onboard it works pretty fast and stays in the Google PageSpeed green zone, which is above 90 points out of 100.
Unlike any SaaS solution, Multi-Vendor gives you absolute freedom.
There are 2 types of virtual mall solutions—self-hosted and SaaS.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a self-hosted solution, which means you download the installation package and install the software right on your server. This gives you full access to the installation files and you can control all the functions in your admin panel.
What customers say about CS-Cart
CS-Cart is a very affordable ecommerce platform, which can be extended as one sees fit, depending on one's needs, over time. The features that come out of the box are more than enough at the beginning and are very easy for non-specialists to understand, use and customize. Importing and exporting products, categories, etc is very easy and has been revamped recently, making it even easier. The selection of add-ons is very large. We have been using this product for almost 10 years now and we can say that we are very pleased with our choice.
Konstantinos C.
As a developer, I work under the covers. This is well-written extensible software. It is extremely customizable, supports multiple languages, and addresses all three basic ecommerce needs: single store, multiple storefronts, and multi-vendor.
Tony Birnseth
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