Did you decide to set up your own online venture, but don't know what to begin with and how to create an ecommerce website with minimal investments and efforts involved. Well, you will be definitely delighted to learn that once building online stores used to be quite an overwhelming, time-consuming and costly process requiring professional web design and development assistance, but today the whole process has changed dramatically due to the appearance of online shopping carts that allow to create fully-functional, professionally looking online stores in a quick and hassle-free manner.

In fact, an online shopping cart is a specific solution or application that serves as a website builder for ecommerce projects. There are plenty of online shopping carts available on the Web market today varying in their functionality, number of options included, usability, flexibility, customization opportunities and, of course, pricing. In such a way, the overall success of your ecommerce building project is all about choosing the right software solution.

From now on, you have a remarkable chance to save your valuable time and efforts on comparing multiple online shopping carts by simply visiting CS-Cart.com! We are here to offer you our all-in-one website builder for your ecommerce project that will match any your specific needs and requirements to the fullest, while staying within your budget limits.

CS-Cart Editions

Our CS-Cart software is available in three standalone editions to meet various business and market needs. CS-Cart Professional Edition is ideal for small and mid-sized online stores without sophisticated ecommerce requirements. CS-Cart Ultimate Edition comes perfectly for multiple online projects that can be managed through a single administration panel. Building and running enormous virtual shopping malls or any other online marketplaces with multiple independent vendors will be a breeze with our Multi-Vendor Edition.

You will hardly find a more flexible website builder for your ecommerce venture than CS-Cart. All three editions come as 100% open source platforms with multiple cutting-edge technologies out-of-the-box including: PHP optimized programming code, MySQL databases, CSS-based layouts, AJAX and Smarty template engine to name a few. With the ready-made storefront and checkout systems you will have to make just some basic store setup, design and configuration only in order to see your first sales.

Moreover, 70 of pre-installed leading payment gateways (both credit card processors and payment systems), multiple shipping methods, easy product import and export, inventory control, marketing and promotional campaigns, automated emailing, multilingual support and many other features and tools make the whole process of website building and management an easy and enjoyable task.