Published: Dec 29, 2012 Last updated: Dec 29, 2012 Yan Kulakov

Today, ecommerce is considered to be one of the best ways of doing business that allows to get substantial profits with low initial investments. Unlike traditional stores, online ones make it dramatically easier to reach the Global market with different niches and they are not restricted to any geographical boundaries. Business owners get more opportunities to promote products and services while improving overall brand awareness. What's more important, ecommerce allows virtually anyone - from a student to housewife - start his/her own online venture even without solid technical background and financial investments.

How long have you been thinking over starting up your own business? With ecommerce, making your dream a reality has never been easier! Are you surfing the Internet now to learn how to create an online store in a quick and hassle-free manner? For one of the best, yet reasonably priced ecommerce solutions available on the modern market, you are welcome to!

CS-Cart Tools

We specialize in ecommerce software development and take special pride by offering you our primary product CS-Cart - a sophisticated, multifunctional online store platform based on the latest open source technologies, such as PHP, MySQL, Smarty template engine, CSS-based layouts, AJAX, etc., that provide numerous innovative options and remarkable opportunities for hassle-free website launch and further management.

With CS-Cart you first online sales are much closer than you may expect. Ready-made storefront and checkout systems require just some basic setup, filling your databases with products, entering specific account details into the built-in payment module and you're done! You will get an extensive toolkit to customize your storefront: try to make it both exclusive and professionally looking to attract prospective clients and increase your conversions dramatically.

Due to three standalone editions available (Professional, Ultimate and Multi-Vendor), our online store platform comes perfectly for various ecommerce ventures - from small web stores to sophisticated online shopping malls with very extensive product inventory. You can also use CS-Cart to create either a standalone online store from scratch or add ecommerce functionality to your existing project.