People like shopping: they like choosing products and take pleasure in great deals. Nowadays shopping in the Internet has become commonplace for its easy and convenient in usage. It doesn’t take a lot of time, because you don’t need to go out, stand in line, etc. You can buy almost everything as toothpicks, books, tickets, clothes as well as many other things. Also there is no need to carry heavy bags, because you can order foodstuff. Besides it is convenient to buy medicine and get them home delivery, when you are ill. Internet opened the international market, where customers purchase directly from seller without extra cost. Earlier, there was need to go abroad to buy some things, but now you can purchase wherever you want even when you are at the fitness center. A wide range of products in the Internet is an obvious advantage, that’s why everyone can find the most appropriate things. Moreover, shopping online is mostly based on feedbacks from the users who had already purchased. But that is almost impossible at offline shops; the only thing which can help in this case are consultant’s recommendations. Besides, it is easier to find goods at discounts by using search filters. Full anonymity makes customer feel full freedom and he can buy without being ashamed. And that’s why nobody will ever know that you do such purchase and, of course, all goods are delivered in special boxes, and even a courier won’t know. All of these reasons attract businesses to create online stores.

Modern business in the Internet is diverse and includes different activity sectors. The most popular and easiest way to start virtual business is trading online. In addition, it should be pointed here that you have three options how to participate in it. So, let’s walk through them. The first is a seller at the multi-vendor market place. And what is it? Multi-vendor marketplace is an e-commerce platform which can support an unlimited number of independent sellers. That implies a running e-shop at the virtual mall. The second is creating your own online shop, where you will sell only your products. And the last is running a multi-vendor marketplace, where you can earn without sales, i.e. you can get commissions from your vendors after every sale.

Well, let’s look at the third variant in detail. A multi-vendor ecommerce platform is for creation marketplace, where you can offer a wide range of products not only yours but from other sellers who take part at your multi-store. It implies that every vendor will get a platform where they can create their independent e-shops to show and sell their products. Such web stores are more popular because they are convenient to use of their variety. Doubtless, it depends on a number of vendors and their catalogues of goods; they can include such categories like fashion, electronics, various items of equipment, children’s articles, animal feeds and much more. So, we can say that this is the main benefit of this business organization, because it can meet needs of any buyer. Nevertheless, one should accept that people actively prefer online shopping of its convenience. In difference of narrow range e-shops, the multi-vendor malls attract more customers and have bigger turnover. For example, when a consumer comes to the virtual mall for shopping, he can buy everything such as kitchen sets, computers and anything else. It is great to do it in the same place, without searching through the Internet for special web shops. You know that the success of a virtual store depends on its attractiveness to the buyers. When consumers decide to do shopping in the Internet, they want everything all at once. That’s why your multi-vendor marketplace will be the best in case if you get whatever they need. And now there is only one question before you, therefore, is how to create a multi-vendor website. For this, you need to download Multi-Vendor from The full installation manual is available in the contents section.

PHP shopping cart

CS-Cart is a well-known and multifunctional e-Commerce solution, which is preferred by businessmen all over the world. It is easy-to-use and it can satisfy as a beginner as advanced users. You don’t need to get special education in this area, but it will be an obvious advantage for you. On our website you can find “user guide” or contact our technical support through email at any time convenient for you. We can safely say that the running of your multi-vendor store doesn’t require so much time. Based on our experience during the existence of our company, mostly it takes 3-4 days to create and start first sales. And don’t forget if within a month you don’t achieve the desired results you will be able to get your money back. But it’s best not to jump in conclusion because month is not long enough to attract a sufficient number of buyers and vendors to you virtual store. The promotion of Internet-stores may take a little more time, but nevertheless, go ahead. We are pleased to offer you the PHP shopping cart which will help you to make you webstore more productive through the providing necessary tools and store data. By using this solution you will receive the full freedom of action, i.e. you can manage and customize you web store in real-time as you like.

Also, your vendors will get a separate dashboard for web site administration which is convenient in use. They can design and configure their e-shops by using user settings. Certainly, the meeting challenges of modern online stores like arranging of sales, loyalty programs for regular customers or discounts, offering coupons and other promotion actions will be easily solved. And, by the way, you can offer general conditions for selling at your multi-store to every vendor or select for them individual terms. Speaking about commissions, there are two possibilities. The first is percentage - it means that you will receive a certain percentage of the goods sold. The second is a sum of money. That implies agreement between you and your vendor about when and how much he will pay you a fixed amount. All sales will be monitored through an admin panel; therefore you will be able to analyze feedbacks of your vendors. In case if the merchant has a bad reputation which will damage your multi-vendor marketplace you can withhold this cooperation by terminating the seller’s account at any time. But at the same time responsible and honest vendors can be marked as the «recommended seller», don’t forget to encourage them. Also you may show members’ feedbacks rating for the best sellers’ promotion. It is a gigantic puzzle of your multi-vendor store that leads to one purpose. It is involvement of large number of potential buyers who will want to bargain there. Most of Internet members find that e-commerce websites are the ideal choice for shopping. They emphasize that buying everything they need in the same place is the good method of shopping, but doing it without leaving home or office is the best. In order, to avoid problems and facilitate usage of webstore you need to equip it with convenient applications and services. Your clients will like smart-filters of languages, currency, etc. and all of that you will provide by using a multi-channel ecommerce solution. That’s why the processes of searching for necessary products and ordering won’t take a lot of time.

Try to create the shop of your dream, which will meet needs of all online shoppers. Try to do it. If you have any problems, please consult with us at any time. Our specialists are always glad to help you in any situation - contact us via this form:

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