Nowadays, time is the most valuable resource, and people don’t want to wait for long for services to be delivered. With new technologies, ordering food, electronics, and apparel, booking a room or a car has become easy and fast. All thanks to smartphones and mobile applications.

Smartphones are super affordable now and everyone can own one. We spend almost the whole day with a smartphone in our hands or in a pocket. Plus, the mobile internet has also become very affordable. Thanks to all these technologies, we can get services through mobile applications installed in our smartphones in no time.

Let’s take for example Uber taxi booking service. It was founded in 2009 in the US and it has now become the world’s top taxi booking system. Why? The answer is obvious: they can give you a ride from anywhere to anywhere, the car picks you up in minutes. Uber doesn’t have their own taxi depot, cars, and professional drivers who receive a salary. The company only has a taxi service website and a mobile application for iOS and Android devices. That’s it.

Anyone can become an Uber driver—a person with his or her own car just registers in the online taxi booking system and starts receiving orders. This is also super convenient for riders as there are usually a lot of Uber cars driving around and one can have a ride at any time of the day to any place in the city.

Why Uber taxi booking application is so popular

If you haven’t seen an Uber application before, install it now and check it out. Once you register in their online taxi booking system, you will see a simple interface with a real-time map and a destination input field. No excessive information, no heavy interface—just a map and a field. When you enter your destination, you will be asked to set additional stops and choose a payment method. You can skip both steps and proceed to the car request right off. Simple and fast, isn’t it? This is why a mobile application is a must-have feature for your own taxi service website.

Why start your own taxi booking system now?

What is Uber? What’s its business model? The answer is—it’s basically an ecommerce marketplace like eBay or Amazon. But these two sell physical goods and Uber sells a service—uber taxi booking. This marketplace has vendors (drivers) and sellers (riders).

Online marketplaces are a real trend now—they are literally conquering global eCommerce and soon will overwhelm traditional single seller ecommerce sites. This is the main reason you should start your virtual mall now. And selling services can be a better choice than selling goods—just because the competition in product niches are quite strong already.

How to start your own Uber on a taxi booking website template CS-Cart Multi-Vendor?

Okay, if you’re going to launch your own online taxi booking system, you should know that it consists of two components:

  • The main taxi service website
  • A mobile application for customers that synchronizes with the main site
On CS-Cart Multi-Vendor, you can build a feature-rich main website with custom design and functions. Thanks to CS-Cart’s open source code, 500 built-in ecommerce features, and excellent performance (92 Google PageSpeed points), you’ll get a great taxi marketplace.

But what about the mobile application? How to build an app like Uber for your service marketplace?

The app is included in Multi-Vendor as well. CS Cart Multi Vendor has three editions, and two of them—Plus and Ultimate—ship with free pre-built mobile application that is synced with your main multi vendor website.

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