Unlike online stores that sell goods from a warehouse, marketplaces aggregate offers or services provided by a supplier on one website, and then support convenient search tools, assist in conducting transactions and regulate the interaction between the customer and the supplier. The presence of a third party - suppliers - makes the marketplace model more complicated than the usual business models in e-commerce, but they turn out to be more flexible and scalable.

Today there are more than 40 marketplaces in the world with a capitalization of more than $ 1 billion. Among the big names, there is the HomeAway rental website.

HomeAway is an online resource for an American company intended for hosting, searching and short-term rental housing in more than 190 countries in the world. On rentals like HomeAway, property owners can register their housing and then lease it to tourists. And travelers who intend to visit any country can look at suitable options for homes in which you can stay for the period of the trip.

BaliHolidayVilla.com is an accommodation renting website based on CS-Cart. They offer villas for rent during your trip to Bali.

The advantages of services like HomeAway are:
  • Opportunity to choose the accommodation that matches the budget and preferences of the traveler;
  • Contact the owners directly and make a bargain;
  • Enjoy the journey, living like locals anywhere on the planet;
  • Reliable online payment system;
  • Large selection of apartments - individual rooms, apartments, whole houses, and villas;
  • The possibility of free registration of own property in order to generate rent income;
  • Numerous travel tips and ranking of the most popular countries to visit.
On HomeAway-like sites, you can pick up the whole house for the price of a hotel room. There is also a mobile application available for download in the AppStore and Google Play.

How to start a vacation rental website

Services like HomeAway provide a similar booking process. The traveler finds the apartment, sends a request to the owners with the dates of interest. If the traveler receives a confirmation, he can book and pay the rent immediately. However, the owner does not receive the money right away, but only after checking into the apartment, which guarantees the safety of the deal. In addition, the traveler signs a rent contract with the owner, where the price and rental conditions are fixed. The contract is brokered by HomeAway.

So if you want everything works like this you need a HomeAway clone script with certain functionality:
  • Geolocation. HomeAway-like sites help solve the problem. Users only select from already found offers. That is why geolocation plays an important role for such a marketplace. It is often important for users to have rental housing close to them. When a person travels to another country, he has a problem: how to quickly and easily find a cheap apartment in the area of ​​a couple of blocks from the location of interest. Rentals like HomeAway provide users with a ready-made solution to their problem, allowing them to find housing by location and displaying the search result on a digital map.
  • Online payments. Another advantage of HomeAway-like sites is that they allow you to make payments online, without leaving the application or the site for booking. This feature is convenient for tenants and it also protects property owners, ensuring the security of transactions made. In addition, online payments allow the service owner to charge a fee and thus create an effective business model.
  • Reviews. On websites of services like HomeAway, customers can leave feedback about the owner, whose apartment they rented. These reviews form the profile and rating of the host, which will affect future transactions. The higher the rating, the more customers will trust a particular owner.
  • Mobile app. Many business owners create a mobile application in addition to the main site that they already have. Others focus on the mobile app, and the website for them is an additional tool. Any HomeAway-like sites require a mobile application for successful business growth. HomeAway app clone provides smartphone owners with better user experience, and business owners can implement a more effective marketing strategy.

How to build a website like HomeAway with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor has all the functionality you'll need to start your rentals like HomeAway. It comes with tons of great features that help to scale the HomeAway clone script:
  • Vendor locations
  • Booking reservation system
  • Vendor subscription plans
  • Powerful catalog management
  • Call requests
  • Customer-to-vendor communication
  • Comments and reviews
So you should try fully-functional CS-Cart Multi-Vendor free demo hosted on our server to get assured that this is your ideal HomeAway clone script. Make sure to test these most important features first:
Advanced Vendor Payout System
Common Products for Vendors
Configurable Vendor Plans
Category Commissions
Advanced Vendor Restrictions
Flexible Product Approval System
Vendor Debt Payout

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