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The best solution for a health & beauty online marketplace.
While traditional brick-and-mortar beauty stores are losing customers now, eCommerce beauty sales continuously grow. For example, in 2017, e-commerce beauty sales grew by $1.6 billion, while brick-and-mortar beauty sales decreased by approximately $168 million.

We keep our finger on the pulse to know the latest trends of the health & beauty eCommerce market—be sure that we offer the best solutions for selling health & beauty products online.
A flexible filter management system allows you to create an unlimited number of product filters for your catalog.

Choosing the right lipstick shade is a rocket science. There could be dozens of shades of red lipstick. Take MAC for example: they offer Russian Red, Ruby Woo, Lady Danger, Dare You. And all of them are red!

Color filters can greatly help a customer to quickly find the lipstick shade she's looking for. Rocket science no more!
Create product variations based on product features and manage each variation as a separate product—set individual prices, availability, and others.

To be healthy and full of energy, modern city residents need to regularly take vitamins. Often, people need special vitamins and minerals in certain dosages. To facilitate the purchase, you can offer them different variations of the vitamins on the same product page—no need to browse through the whole marketplace.

You can quickly generate variations of the vitamins based on their features. For example—the number of vitamin pills in the package and the dominant element.
The Multi-Vendor's advanced promotion system allows you to offer various bonuses to your customers. Choose a condition that customers should meet to obtain a bonus. Vendors can create their own promotions as well.

For example, offer your customers a Givenchy face powder and give a video course on how to do professional makeup using Givenchy cosmetics for free. Or a certificate for a free makeup from a Givenchy professional makeup artist. Lots of options here!
Comments and reviews
Motivate your customers to rate and review products and vendors—this will help other customers make the right choice.

Customer reviews are especially important for health products and cosmetics. You never know how the product will affect your skin and how it will look on your face unless you try it.

Commercials just can't show you the real shade of a foundation. That's why customers often share photos of how beauty products look on their skin in real life.
Product bundles
Increase the average bill and make attractive offers for your customers by creating product bundles.

There are lots of beauty products that complement each other. For example, mascara and eye makeup remover. Why not offer a bundle of these two products for a discounted price? This way you increase the average bill and a customer gets all she needs for eye makeup.
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