Young people who regularly use credit cards and smartphones,and live in a country with good transport infrastructure - this is the recipe for the successful e-commerce. All these factors made Turkey one of the fastest growing online economies.

Gittigidiyor was founded in 2001 as the first online marketplace in Turkey. In 2011 eBay bought it. So it is called “GittiGidiyor - eBay in Turkey”.

Now it has 23 million registered users and offers 15 million products in 50 categories at competitive prices. GittiGidiyor script is a secure e-commerce platform where retailers, SMEs and large enterprises open stores and expand their businesses. It sells 1 product per second. 50% of all sales are made via the mobile application. It is obvious why a lot of enterpreneurs are in search of a GittiGidiyor clone script.

Why Turkish e-commerce is so successful?

Turkish stores like GittiGidiyor became world-famous because of some factors.

1. Popularity of credit cards The low level of trust in electronic payments is like nothing else blocks the development of e-commerce. Customers in many countries prefer to pay for their online orders directly upon receipt, which significantly increases the risks and costs for entrepreneurs. They have to reckon with the fact that the percentage of unfinished orders will be high, because, before the customer finds the product, he may change his mind and simply not pay. For this reason, quite often in online stores there is a note that the departure of the courier with full refusal from the purchase will still need to be paid, and many online stores do not even provide the possibility of payment upon receipt.

In Turkey, credit cards are incredibly popular: 88% of those who shop online pay with a card, and only 6% choose a payment upon receipt. Turkey ranks second in Europe among the countries with the largest number of bank cards and third in the number of payment terminals. It is noticeable literally at every turn. Not only such online stores like GittiGidiyor but even small points as, for example, a vegetable store gives its customers the opportunity to pay with a card. It often happens that at weddings the newlyweds do not accept envelopes with money, but take out the payment terminal.

2. Delivery in two working days Turkey boasts a streamlined order delivery system. The Turkish government is well aware that the country is at the crossroads of the main trade routes between Europe and Asia, and therefore it pays special attention to transport policy. Already, a dense network of highways has a positive effect on the delivery speed. In the western region of Turkey, between Istanbul and Ankara, which is a third of the country's territory, delivery is carried out in one working day. To the south and east of the capital - no more than two working days.

Good logistics has led to an interesting side effect in e-commerce - these are morning promotions. Many online stores send orders early in the morning, which is cheaper, so they make special promotions at 6 am: those who buy goods at this store at an early time will receive guaranteed free shipping or special promotional codes giving a 5-10% discount. Every twentieth online buyer regularly takes part in such a promotion.

So if you need a GittiGidiyor clone script, take the logistic in your place into consideration.

Why CS-Cart Multi-Vendor fits stores like GittiGidiyor

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor marketplace software provides all the features of GittiGidiyor script.

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If you want your GittiGidiyor clone script to function perfectly you will need:
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  • Stock control and low stock notifications to track the exact number of items in stock.
  • Datafeeds to get extra customers from shopping directories such as Google Shopping and ShopZilla by uploading custom product feeds from your marketplace.
  • Shipping methods to integrate with major shipping carriers with dozens of shipping options for each or add more shipping methods and functions via third-party add-ons.
  • Cross-selling and upselling to increase the average bill. You can display product suggestions on any page of your marketplace.
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