Gift Certificates

Online gift buying has become an extremely common practice these days. And when you have problems with choosing a present, an online gift certificate is often the perfect solution. CS-Cart offers a simple and effective gift certificate system supporting both e-mail and postal certificates.

Gift certificates can easily be purchased through the storefront, though it is necessary to complete the information about the recipient and specify the gift certificate amount before proceeding to checkout.

The whole process is automatic and under your total control. Once a gift certificate is purchased, the complete information is immediately displayed in the CS-Cart administration panel. If the gift certificate is an email certificate, the system sends it to the recipient immediately once it is created. Redemption is also fully automated. If the whole amount is spent, the certificate changes status and becomes unavailable for further use.

There are no restrictions that may be considered inconvenient by your customers. It is not necessary to use the entire amount at a time; customers can return and spend the balance. If the certificate amount is not enough to pay for an order, the rest of the amount can be paid using other payment methods. Another benefit is that gift certificates do not have expiry dates.

CS-Cart understands that providing gift certificates is one of the most lucrative opportunities for the store – which is why we have dedicated so much time to developing this feature.

online gift certificate

Figure 1. Gift certificate

gift certificate template layout

Figure 2. Gift certificate layout