Since online shopping becomes a very common way of purchasing products and services, more and more business owners are looking to establish their own online presence. However, launching a full-featured online store and developing your business on the Internet can be a rather costly venture. Can’t afford to pay a fortune for a shopping cart program at the moment? There are plenty of free shopping cart applications allowing you to build a web store and start trading online. But how to find an ecommerce solution that won’t compromise on quality, reliability and features while being super affordable?

shopping cart software

CS-Cart shopping cart software

If you want to start trading online without spending a fortune on a shopping cart solution, welcome to! We are ready to offer you a full-featured CS-Cart shopping cart software that will allow you to avoid all limitations of traditional free ecommerce solutions. Whether you are new to ecommerce or just have a small web store with modest requirements to functionality and design, our shopping cart system will meet your related needs perfectly.

Main Features

While being super affordable, this shopping cart software retains the full power of our ecommerce engine. By choosing our affordable shopping cart system with a free trial period of 30 days, you can create a fully-functional online store with unlimited number of products using such advanced options as storefront and built-in content management, automatic inventory control, full support of popular shipping services and online payment systems, one-page checkout and many other ecommerce essentials.

shopping cart system

Shopping cart system by CS-Cart

Don’t be afraid to be deprived of necessary functionality and reliability! While using our affordable PHP shopping cart software, you can easily take advantage of all ecommerce features it offers:

  • Convenient Admin Panel: CS-Cart features a straightforward admin panel. All the menus are conveniently placed and any setting is maximum 3 clicks away.
  • Promotions: In the Promotions section of the CS-Cart admin panel, you can construct promotions with lots of different conditions. Set the conditions a customer must meet to get a bonus, and the promotion is ready.
  • Reward Points and VIP User Groups: It’s important to keep your customers by your side. CS-Cart has a built-in loyalty system—Reward points. Give your customers points for purchases and they will return to your store again to spend them.
  • Visual Layout Editor: What if you want to rearrange information blocks on your store pages: move product filters to the right, add banners to the top, or show product reviews at the bottom? In most cases, you’ll have to pay a coder for this work. Not with CS-Cart. Its visual layout editor allows you to build page layouts by simple drag and drop. Experiment with layouts and save money.
  • Multiple Storefronts: With the CS-Cart’s multi-store feature, you can open more web stores without too much trouble. Add extra storefronts and manage them all as separate shops from a single admin panel.
  • All the Payment and Shipping Services You’ll Ever Need: CS-Cart features 70 popular payment services such as PayPal, Authorize.Net, First Data, 2Checkout, SagePay, and eWay. Eight world’s most trusted carriers, such as USPS, DHL, FedEx, and UPS with dozens of shipping variants are present in CS-Cart out of the box, too.
  • SEO Tools: CS-Cart has all the SEO stuff that Google loves: SEO-friendly URLs, canonical URLs, 301 redirects, Google rich snippets, and more.
  • Super Adaptable: CS-Cart has an open source code. It means you can adapt our shopping cart software to any needs: develop more features, your own storefront theme, integrate with new payment and shipping services, and more.
  • Supported and Frequently Updated: We release 6 upgrades per year in average. Patch releases fix issues and minor (or major) releases both fix issues and add new features. We keep CS-Cart up to date, protected from hackers, and compatible with the latest server technologies. We guarantee that your CS-Cart ecommerce store won’t ever be left behind.
  • Fully Controlled by You, the Owner: Once you buy CS-Cart—it’s all yours. You own it like you own a house and a car. No monthly payments. You have access to all the functionality: turn it off and on when you need it, add more features, and decide when to upgrade. CS-Cart is yours unlike SaaS solutions.
  • Customizable checkout page: Create a checkout page that will work best for your business.

ecommerce features

CS-Cart ecommerce features

How does our shopping cart software work? We have done our best to make the setup process of CS-Cart shopping cart system highly convenient and easy for those, who just take their first steps in online trading. All you need is to download a software installation package from our website and install it to your web server. Afterward, you’ll be able to add ecommerce functionality to your existing or brand new web project.

What Customers Say About CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Foodpanda Clone Script

With very little knowledge about programming, I was able to set up my own online store. It looked professional. Easy to configure and it does come with a lot of features. Support is fast and great. You can also ask questions in their forum and the community are willing to help you out. Many custom plugins are available as well — Khanh H. Very easy to use for non-professional (we have 3 webshops on this platform and we want to add more) a lot of free addons big community with a lot of free advise very intuitive and easy customization for front page new features added on almost every upgrade. — Vic T.
What I do appreciate the best in CS-Cart is Help Desk. I used to use it quite often and every time problems were solved fast and communication was run without any delay. I have found it more reliable and faster than my local distributor (and local language) help. SEO is what is most important for me and CS-Cart makes available the perfect tools for that. — Grzegorz K. Simplicity, convenience, excellent support, continuous product development, affordable price. Ability to connect various modules, customization from both the developer and third-party developers. I use for several online shops for many years. In my opinion, one of the best applications for business. — Andrii M.