Today, people want to receive services instantly—no time to wait in our world of fast lifestyle. Want to quickly move from point A to point B? No problem—order a car via your smartphone. Want to fly to Canada tomorrow? Piece of cake—open a travel application on your phone and buy the tickets and book a room in a hotel. And what about daily routines?

We all love tasty food. Pizza, seafood, Chinese food—these are available to everyone in a couple of clicks. Thanks to foodpanda restaurant platform and other similar food delivery services, you can order any food from local restaurants in minutes and taste it in an hour.

What Foodpanda is and how its food delivery software works

Foodpanda was founded in 2012 in Germany as a restaurant aggregator and food delivery service. It’s a food delivery marketplace. Foodpanda’s main office is still in Berlin, Germany, but foodpanda restaurant platform is available in 40 countries. The company partnered with over 27,000 restaurants worldwide and works with over 15,000 delivery riders.

A customer can order meals from the foodpanda website or through their food ordering app for restaurants. When a customer submits the order, the online food ordering script processes it and sends the request to the restaurant the food was ordered from. The restaurant prepares meals, arranges a delivery, and the customer gets a notification.

The workflow is simple yet fast and effective. That’s why a food delivery marketplace model is becoming more and more popular among online entrepreneurs. Just imagine: you work in the food business, which is very popular among consumers, and you don’t cook anything, you don’t store food and keep a team of cooks and service staff. Sounds awesome.

What open source restaurant ordering system to choose for your own foodpanda-like website?

So, restaurant business, huh? Great choice! Food is always in demand. If you’re planning to start your own restaurant ordering system like foodpanda, you need to understand what foodpanda is from a technical point of view and what online food ordering script you will need to build a website and the mobile application.

First of all, let’s take a look at the technical part of foodpanda. Basically, it’s a simple ecommerce marketplace of restaurants. A restaurant aggregator, if you want. On foodpanda, restaurants are sellers and food consumers are buyers. So, to start your own foodpanda, you first need to choose a proper foodpanda clone script to build your website on. This could be a multi vendor marketplace solution such as CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.

CS-Cart Multi-Vendor is a professional ecommerce mall script with a mobile application. It’s one of the most feature-rich ecommerce software with an open source code. Access to the source code allows you to modify the platform the way you want—you can easily make a restaurant aggregator out of it.

Here some built-in features that are must-have for an online food ordering script:

  • Flexible catalog management. Edit 45 product parameters and upload multiple high resolution product images.
  • Rich vendor management system. Offer restaurants monthly payment plans for using your platform, give them special privileges, and allow them to create their own promotions.
  • Vendor location. This one is a must for a restaurant aggregator: show restaurants on the map with the distance to each of them and allow your customers to filter restaurants by distance.
  • Powerful marketing tools. Promote restaurants, give coupon codes to customers, enable a loyalty system for them, and much more.
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android. A food ordering app for restaurants is a must-have feature because people got used to ordering food on the go. The mobile application is built by CS-Cart developers and uploaded to App Store and Google Play for you.
Check out CS-Cart Multi-Vendor personal demo to get more familiar with the solution and its functions. It’s free, no credit card required.

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