How to Report a Problem in CS-Cart for a Quick Solution

If you notice an error or issue in CS-Cart, report it to us. This is important not only for solving your specific problem but also for improving CS-Cart as a whole. Your feedback helps us make the platform more user-friendly, stable, and functional, benefiting all CS-Cart users.

What to Do Before Contacting Support?

Before reaching out to support, we recommend trying a few simple steps that might help resolve the issue. This can save you time—possibly making it unnecessary to contact support.

Many common problems are often resolved by these basic actions. If the issue persists, you will be able to provide support with a more complete picture of the situation, speeding up its resolution.

Step #1: Clear the CS-Cart Cache

Sometimes, old information in the cache can interfere with the website's normal operation. Clearing the cache is a simple way to check if the problem is related to outdated data saved on the CS-Cart server.

Step #2: Try Incognito Mode in Your Browser

In incognito mode, your browser does not use saved cookies and cache. This helps determine if the issues are related to your local settings and browser data.

Step #3: Check the Problem on the CS-Cart Online Demo

If the error occurs in the online demo as well, it is likely an issue with the platform itself. In such cases, please reach out to our support team right away.

Step #4: Disable Recently Installed Third-Party Add-ons

Third-party add-ons can conflict with CS-Cart's core functionality. Disabling them allows you to check if they are causing the issues. If a third-party add-on is the cause, we recommend contacting the add-on developer for a solution.

How to Effectively Contact CS-Cart Support?

If the previous steps didn't help, go ahead and contact our support team. In your message, please include:
Server Access: Provide server credentials for where CS-Cart is installed. Include this in the "Access Information" section when creating your ticket for security reasons.
Product Information: Let us know which product you're using—whether it's "CS-Cart Store Builder" or "CS-Cart Multi-Vendor"—and include the version number.
Steps to Reproduce the Issue: Describe in detail the steps you took to reproduce the problem and mention which browser you're using.
Visual Evidence: Attach screenshots or videos of the problem, making sure to show the entire browser window.
Send all this information to support through HelpDesk. We'll investigate the issue, forward it to the developers if needed, and keep you updated on the solution.

What to Do If You Don't Have a Customer Care Subscription?

You can report a problem through the bug tracker on the CS-Cart forums. We review bug tracker messages on our CS-Cart installations without any third-party add-ons or themes. If we can't reproduce the problem on our end, we might ask you to contact support through HelpDesk.

If the problem happens on the CS-Cart online demo, it's likely a platform issue. You can still contact HelpDesk for these problems, even if you don't have a customer care subscription. In your message, just describe how to reproduce the problem in the online demo.

If you're experiencing issues caused by third-party modifications (like add-ons, themes, or core edits), please reach out to the developers who created them, as we don't consider these to be platform problems.